The War at Home

October 22nd, 2014 The War At Home and Abroad  A few weeks ago we sent you a message looking at the war abroad and what is likely to be endless war into the next presidency.  You can read that ROPnet here. Today is the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality.  Let’s talk more about […]

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Sep 2011 KTA: Group History

Write Human Dignity Group History! WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? Our history defines us.  It grounds us, keeping us rooted through the present and teaching us lessons for the future.  This month’s activity is to add your Human Dignity Group’s story to the collective history of rural Oregon’s grassroots movement for human dignity! WHY THIS ACTIVITY? […]

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May 2011 KTA: Fasting for a Fair Budget

Fasting tends to focus you, and the message is that a budget is about the choices we make. This fast is not just about cutting spending, but about the values that will determine our priorities and decisions. Should we cut $8.5 billion for low-income housing, or $8.5 billion in mortgage tax deductions for second vacation […]

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April 2011 KTA: Rural Oregon Resists

Statewide Action at Greg Walden’s Bend Office on Saturday, May 7th!

On Saturday, May 7th rural and small town Oregonians will gather in Bend for a action at Congressman Walden’s office. 


The Republican controlled house has proposed to balance the budget on the backs of the poor through massive cuts while corporations, the rich and the military continue to benefit.  The military budget alone has increased to over $700 billion. We cannot afford to stand by and allow such a massive theft of national wealth and the prioritization of a war economy over meeting basic necessities in our communities. 

We will demand that Walden and Congress:

Put People First: Human well-being is the indicator of economic success

Hold Accountable those responsible for the Economic Recession

Promote Real Security through community empowerment and energy conservation


Make your county’s plan to be a part of the action! This action will be a part of the Rural Caucus and Strategy Session. If you have not yet registered, do so today before the early bird deadline of April 7th.  Click here for more information and to register.

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Mar 2011 KTA: Government with Backbone

Government with Backbone: 2011 ROP Legislative Platform Oregon, like most states, is facing a severe revenue crisis.  States are suffering from the impact of national funding priorities that put corporate profits and the military industrial complex above people and communities.The Oregon Legislature may not have much control over the Pentagon budget, but they can respond to […]

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