KTA: Up Your Communications Game!

Background: Kitchen Table Activism (KTA) is a monthly activity by the Rural Organizing Project. The idea is that small actions can lead to powerful collective results when groups of people gather to complete the same action across the state of Oregon. ROP works to keep each KTA easily achievable so that groups with other projects or groups with limited immediate energy can still complete the KTA each month.

Why This Activity?

Many human dignity groups are starting to meet more regularly as we return from summer breaks. As we get back into the swing of things, rural leaders are thinking a lot about how we communicate our values clearly and powerfully. This month is a great chance to take stock of your group’s messaging and communications strategies and make them stronger! 

What is the Activity?

This fall, we are hosting a series of three virtual trainings called On Message, with Meaning: Communications Deep Dive to build concrete skills while discussing critical issues: immigrant justice, housing for all, and 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion. The series of workshops is aimed to help us shift dominant narratives in rural Oregon to improve the lives of all who live here. We’ll get at the heart of strategic communications, and practice concrete skills like values-forward messaging, audience targeting, and effective and persuasive spokesperson skills. 

Each interactive session will connect human dignity leaders across rural Oregon so that we can learn from one another, practice together, and build stronger relationships across the state. We’ll practice how to communicate our values in a way that breaks down complicated issues into clear statements and moves our target audiences without repeating the opposition’s messages. More details on the different sessions and registration links below!

How to Complete the Activity:

  1. Get together with your human dignity group, decide who wants to attend which sessions, and register. Hint: if it’s too hard to choose, come to all three! Each has a different theme and skill-building focus. See below for the session descriptions and registration links. 
    • Once you register, forward this KTA to your friends and encourage them to sign up too! 
    • Please note this series will not be interpreted into Spanish. If you or your team would like to participate in a Spanish-language messaging training, please let us know by emailing emma@rop.org. If we have enough interest we can put something together!
  2. Attend your session(s) of choice! Bonus: get the most out of the session by chatting as a group beforehand about whether there’s a particular message or campaign that you really want to focus on. Bring some notes and come ready to workshop that message!
  3. Debrief the training at your next meeting: What did you take away? What do you want to incorporate into your organizing in the coming months? 
  4. Extra credit: Want to be even more involved in this training series? We’re always looking for volunteers to help with things like running the Zoom, sending reminder and follow-up emails, and more! Reach out to emma@rop.org if you’re interested in helping out.

Session 1: Values-Based Messaging Featuring Immigrant Justice

Thursday, October 12th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Immigrant Justice with a deep dive into using the VPSA (Values, Problem, Solution, Action) messaging model. Whether you are eager to trade notes on how to best talk with your neighbors about migrant justice, or just want the nuts and bolts of values-forward messaging, we’d love to see you there. Register here to attend the session via computer or phone!

Session 2: Spokesperson Skills Featuring Housing For All

Monday, October 23rd, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Housing for All, with a deep dive into honing spokesperson skills and “elevator pitches,” with a particular focus on talking to your audience through the media. Benton County human dignity organizers with Stop the Sweeps and Sunrise will join Robert Bray to workshop effective messaging when it comes to advancing housing justice. Register here to attend the session via computer or phone!

Session 3: Managing Misinformation; Advancing Queer Inclusion

Monday, November 6th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Queer Inclusion, with a deep dive into managing misinformation and pivoting to our side’s strategic messaging. Anti-2SLGBTQIA+, and especially anti-trans, rhetoric is running rampant these days. Whether you are preparing to return home for some tense family dinner table conversations over Thanksgiving, or working to support queer and trans students in the classroom and at school board meetings, we would love for you to join us! Register here to attend the session via computer or phone!

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