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Advancing Democracy for All

Rural Oregon is a mosaic of experiences and voices, and we believe that every community is important and deserves to thrive. When it comes to decisions that make the biggest difference to rural Oregonians, rural folks often don’t get a seat at the table. We work to resource rural communities with the tools they need to keep their groups a source for a vibrant and just democracy.

Civic Engagement

ROP member groups have a long history of engaging our communities in democratic dialogue. During the 2020 election season, ROP and human dignity groups supported countless community members in voting, and also responded to blatant voter intimidation and suppression in Oregon. Even during a pandemic and social distancing, the ROP network has distributed more than 36,000 newsprint STAND Election Guides by and for rural Oregonians in English and Spanish and reached thousands more with the Radio and Social Media STAND Election Guides to encourage our neighbors to vote and advance democracy in their community, including the ballot measures and beyond!

Some communities saw people openly carrying assault rifles stopping and questioning people trying to drop off their ballots, tailgating voters in line for drive-up ballot drop boxes while flashing their lights, driving by and blasting people dropping off their ballots with clouds of diesel smoke, and parking next to the ballot drop box to take photos of people as they vote. In response, community leaders notified neighbors to avoid certain ballot boxes, picked up ballots for folks not feeling safe enough to drop their ballots off, and accompanied friends to ballot drop boxes.

We also established a Defend Democracy Campaign that included a voter hotline, media outreach to push back on voter intimidation, statewide radio ads and public service announcement, a strategy session with rural organizers, and a special Rural Roots Rising election podcast. Rural organizers throughout the state contributed to and tapped into these resources while engaging voters in issues that impact their communities.

STAND Election Guides and Civic Engagement Resources

Voter Communication Guide 

Tips and tricks on communicating with voters in the lead up to any election. Elections are an important opportunity to build relationships, strengthen your local groups, and build the movement for human dignity for the long haul.


STAND Guide, English:

GUÍA Electoral, en Español:

Social Media Toolkit:

Rural Roots Rising Podcast: “Blackberries and Ballot Measures, 2020 Election Edition”:


STAND Guide, English:

GUÍA Electoral, en Español:


STAND Guide, English:

GUÍA Electoral, en Español:

Budgeting Workshops