Oct 2010 KTA: Personalizing this Electoral Moment

Voter Courtesy Call Script: Word, PDF Sample Group Flyer Insert for Voter Guide:                 Page 1 (HDG description): Word,  PDF                 Page 2 (County Cost of War Stats): Word,  PDF Sample Email Script: Word, PDF ROP groups and members have a long history of personalizing voter engagement- making it not a machined exercise in voter turnout, […]

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Sep 2010 KTA: STAND Guides are Coming!

Why this Activity? The 2010 election in Oregon is going to be all about turnout. The ballot measures are fewer and predominantly less contentious this year. This means that our eyes and interests this election cycle fall primarily on the candidates running for office. And the outcomes of these races will be determined by just how […]

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June 2010 KTA: I Scream, You Scream…

We all scream for… Social Change!  (and Ice Cream!)   WHY THIS ACTIVITY?   ROP often highlights the three keys to a Human Dignity Group’s success: 1. a committed, named leadership team, 2. effective communication systems, and 3. a strategic action plan.  But this month, we want to focus on three different, yet critical elements that […]

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May 2010 KTA: Move Our Money: Putting Oregon on the Map

Overview of Oregon State Bank Overview of Public Funds and Credit Unions Southern Oregon Local Banking Brochure Why this Activity?  Over the last year, ROPers have been considering who holds our money and just what those banking institutions stand for.  What we’ve learned is that many of us already bank with local institutions – institutions that […]

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April 2010 KTA: USSF – Movement Building from Albany to Detroit

"It’s imperative that all of the visionaries, the thinkers, the movers, the believers should start getting yourself ready and on your way to Detroit right now.” 

— Maureen Taylor, US Social Forum Detroit Co-Coordinator

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY?  Movement building!  To change the world, we need a coordinated movement of people joining together and demanding and making change.  This movement has got to be stronger, more strategic, and better networked than what we’ve got now.  Fortunately, this spring and summer, opportunities abound for building a stronger movement – here in rural Oregon and nationally. 

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2010 Caucus Agenda

ROP’s 2010
Rural Caucus & Strategy Session

Hometown Strategies for Democratic Economies

Saturday, April 10th in Albany, Oregon
8:00 – 5:00

8:00    Registration and Breakfast – Come early to beat the rush and enjoy a hot cup of joe before diving into the day!
9:00    Welcome from ROP & Keynote Address from Stephanie Guilloud of Project South with special Spotlight on the Oregon Movement with local leaders.
10:30    Creating a Vision for 2010 and Beyond
11:30  Lunch and Open Space Discussions
12:40    ROP Update, Meet the Board, 2010 Human Dignity Awards, and more!
1:00  Panel on Local Democratic Economy Roundtables
1:45    Hometown Strategies Sessions 1  (see workshop descriptions below)
3:20    Hometown Strategies Sessions 2  (see workshop descriptions below)
4:45    Closeout & Group Photo
5:00    Good bye!
Hometown Strategy Sessions

Session One (1:45 – 3:05)

Conversations on Racial Justice: Organizing Across Race and Culture
Facilitator and Presentor: Stephanie Guilloud – Project South
This session will open the dialogue on how we organize across race and culture amid the changing face of rural Oregon and the broadening base of ROP. Stephanie will share lessons from her experiences doing long term cross-cultural organizing with Georgia’s Project South and the 2007 US Social Forum in Atlanta.  

Building Self Reliant Communities as an Organizing Strategy
Mike Edera – West County Council for Human Dignity, Randi & Aaron Embree – Macleay Grange, & Jared Gardner –Unitarian Universalist Economic Justice Action Committee.
The economic crisis has encouraged (or sometimes forced) us to rethink consumption while we build alternative economic systems. How can we rebuild our communities to be more resilient and also interdependent as we insert our core values of inclusivity, human dignity, and democracy? This workshop will explore these themes as we look at one concrete model: the Common Security Club, as a strategy to meet people’s needs and build the movement.

Creating Jobs with Justice: Lessons from Rural OR
Rich Rohde – Oregon Action (Jackson Co), Ellie Pope – Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity, Al DeVita – Laborers Union, and Lynn Feekin – Labor Education and Research Center
This workshop is a conversation with organizers who are pioneering the effort to create green jobs in their communities and finding ways to include justice and equity in conversations about this ‘new frontier’ of economic development.

Foreclosures Defense: From Education to Direct Action
Nancie Kroeber – Good Grief America and other local groups
This workshop offers a dialogue with those who are spearheading foreclosure defense work in their own neighborhoods. Learn about the many points of entry for organizing around the foreclosure and eviction crisis – starting long before the notice is ever nailed to the door – and take away strategies for your own community.

Session Two (3:20 – 4:40)

We are a Welcoming Community: Rural Media Center 2010
Facilitated by the Rural Organizing Project
In our commitment to create just and humane comprehensive immigration reform, we need to lay groundwork that transforms immigrants from outsiders to neighbors.  Through our local papers, we will get our welcoming messages about the value of immigrants onto the kitchen table of thousands of people each month. Join this workshop to strategize about using media for immigration justice and to build welcoming communities.

Food justice: Strategies to Grow our Movement and Feed our Communities
Harry MacCormack – Sun Bow Farms, Tera Couchman Wick – Village Gardens & Nella Parks- Oregon Rural Action
Food has the potential to strengthen communities, expand our movement, and serve as powerful force for economic and social justice. Smart communities use food to meet basic community needs, while modeling and growing a new style of neighborhood, use of resources, of wealth and job creation, and of economy. This workshop will ask a panel of food justice visionaries how they are building a movement from the roots up!

Move our Money: Putting our Money Where our Values Are
Barb Dudley – Oregon State Bank group, Charlotte Hart- St Helens Credit Union, Tony Stang- Credit Union Association of OR
The Move Our Money campaign has taken hold among ROPers, our communities and across the country. With the recent of Oregon legislation that increases the cap on public funds in credit unions and organizing for an Oregon State Bank, there are increasing opportunities to support more local, democratic banking institutions. This session will give an update on the statewide organizing and explore hometown strategies to keep our money in circulation in Oregon.

Beyond Know Your Rights: "Secure Communities" & New Strategies for Stopping Deportations
Shizuko Hashimoto – PCASC & Stephen Manning – Immigration Attorney
"Secure Communities" is one of the programs and informal agreements that pair local law enforcement with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to enforce federal immigration laws.  The result? Increased racial profiling with serious consequences for immigrant families and local communities.  This session will explore local and statewide strategies available to fight back against this dangerous pairing.  It’s going beyond Know Your Rights!

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March 2010 KTA: Rural Media Center

  Rama Carty was one of 70 immigrants that joined a hunger strike at the Port Isabel Detention Center [in Texas].  Mr. Carty said of his time in detention, “I witnessed the destruction of American families in a clearly inhumane process.  That’s what led us to go on a hunger strike.  We had no other […]

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Feb 2010 Kitchen Table Activism

ROP’s Rural Caucus & Strategy Session: Saturday, April 10th in Albany

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? On Saturday, April 10th rural and small town leadership from across the state will be gathering for a day of strategizing, networking, and organizing.  ROP’s annual Rural Caucus and Strategy Session will be from 8:30am- 5pm in Albany.  This month’s Kitchen Table Activism is to decide who will represent your group and community at this year’s Caucus.

This year’s Caucus will focus on Hometown Strategies for a Democratic Economy. We’ll look at strategies that work in rural and small town Oregon that not only address the current needs of our communities, but build a long-term movement for an economy that is people-centered and sustainable. Join your peers from around the state for conversations on topics such as: moving our money, local banking and creating an Oregon state bank; what’s ahead for immigration reform; organizing secure food systems to feed our communities and promote local sustainability; LGBTQ organizing for safer communities; and much more.

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