demonstrators with placards protesting measure 105, one of the placards has text keep Oregon a sanctuary state, no racial profiling.

Defending Human Dignity

Rural Organizing Project was founded in 1992 in response to Ballot Measure 9, which scapegoated and dehumanized LGBTQ+ Oregonians, leading to the formation of rural groups across Oregon hungry to overcome polarization and divides to build stronger communities that uphold the dignity of everyone who calls their communities home. Today, groups across rural Oregon defend human dignity when they are responding to storms that leave under-resourced communities without electricity and only those who can afford a generator are able to stay warm, defending ourselves and our communities against detention and deportation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and countering the recruitment of our neighbors into white power and paramilitary movements.

Immigrant Justice 

IP43 is Disqualified!

Rural Oregon is Breaking the ICE

Anti-White Nationalism

Strengthening Rural Oregon’s Web

Hate has no place in Cave Junction

“Words may fail us, but actions cannot”


Economic Justice

From Rural Arkansas to Rural Oregon!

We All Do Better When We All Do Better!

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