Postal Service Victory!

This ROPnet was written by Charlie Bloomer. You probably haven’t heard Charlie’s name before! Charlie is a high school student from Sandy who’s writing ROPnets with us this summer. Are you interested in joining ROP’s communications team as well? We are looking for folks to create content across multiple platforms in the coming months! Do you love making videos for social media? Hyped about radio PSAs? Wishing you had a team to workshop Letters to the Editor with? E-mail if you have a few hours and you want to pitch in! Now on with Charlie’s ROPnet…

Kính gửi ROPnet!

In the wake of the United States Postal Service cuts, we are overjoyed to share a success: Senator Jeff Merkley condemned USPS downgrades in a recent letter. Jeff Merkely’s administration stated: “But in recent months, folks have been reaching out to Jeff’s office saying they are experiencing frustrating delays and degraded services.”

The new USPS administration delayed mail for rural Oregonains without public input. The “local transportation optimization” plan eliminated mail being picked up in the evening, therefore forcing mail to sit overnight. These delays threatened a keystone part of rural communities; many rely on the USPS to quickly deliver ballots, prescriptions and news. It’s essential that the post office continues to effectively serve our communities. Read more about the proposed cuts here.

Last February, ROP sent out a statement urging rural Oregon to influence post office policy.  And ROP won: Merkley put pressure on the US committee overseeing the USPS, halting all network changes for 2024. This proves that, collectively, rural Oregon can have an impact on policy when we are united.

Did you participate in this action? Send us details on what you wrote/said so we can share it. Or write Merkley thanking him for listening to our demands. You can find Merkley’s contact information, as well as other representatives here!

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Charlie Bloomer and the ROP team

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