St. Helens resident launches petition drive on illegal immigration

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is from Wayne Mayo of St. Helens:

After making a presentation before the Columbia County Board of Commissioners and again that evening of the 18th in front of the St. Helens City council explaining the idea of proclaiming a “Illegal Worker Free County/City” of our community, I believe a more direct approach is warranted.

I have decided to form a political action committee to do a petition drive and get suggested statutes and laws on the books here in the county and the city of St Helens. I am asking for help from my fellow citizens alarmed with the lawlessness of our current predicament.

Among the considerations that I will ask on the ballot measures.

1. Should the City of St. Helens/ Columbia County add a punitive charge of $15k to the cost of every permit to build homes that were constructed with illegal workers?

2. Should the City of St. Helens require 4’X 8’ signs explaining the concept of a “illegal worker free community” at the entrance to every new subdivision and minor partition? Should that sign have the phone numbers of the building department and the sheriff’s department listen on the sign?

3. Should the punitive fees collected from the enforcement of this legal initiative be equally allocated between the building departments of the city/ county and the police/sheriff’s department of the same?

4. Should the appeal process of the additional punitive building fees be done through a new citizen’s committee of 6 dedicated solely for that purpose?

5. Should business’s requiring licenses one year to the next face punitive surcharges of $500/ month for hiring illegals on their staff?

6. Should landlords face similar revocation of their rental licenses and punitive fees of $200/month should they not provide due diligence in their rental practices to insure renting to “legals” only?

Their may be other considerations in the pursuit of this legal relief, but this is the beginning point. I am considering a Statewide petition drive as well.
I can be reached at 503-396-1114.

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ROP’s Immigration Fairness Network (IFN)

We support justice for working people and human rights in a global economy. Currently, we see immigrants as the front line of assaults on workers’ rights and civil liberties. In a time of war abroad, the war at home targets our civil liberties, divides communities in the name of “security,” and has given rise to […]

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Making this May Day something to Celebrate!

This May Day in Oregon there will be marches in Salem, Medford, and Portland and where you can join in, please do. But this day also coincides with a fight at the legislature in Salem that is stirring the hearts of working people and allies across the state. This is the effort to stop REAL ID, a real nightmare piece of legislation that targets some of the most vulnerable workers in the US. 

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April 2007 KTA: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – This War is YOURS Congress!

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? On Friday, March 23rd, the US House passed more ‘supplemental funding’ for the Iraq occupation; $124 billion, to add to the $70 billion approved by Congress in October. The Senate voted and passed on a similar bill on Tuesday, March 27th. Congress takes a two week break beginning March 30th and when they reconvene on April 16th, a joint Congressional Committee will hash out the details and vote the bill out of Congress and on to the President who has pledged to veto it if it contains any troop withdrawal dates. Things are moving fast and details change, but what we know for sure is that now is the time to keep the public pressure on to stop this war
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Mar 2007 KTA: ROP’s Rural Caucus & Strategy Session: THE place to be on April 28th!

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? On April 28th ROP is holding our annual Rural Caucus and Strategy Session in Corvallis, Oregon. The tradition of the ROP Caucus began in the early 1990s. Each year ROP brings together delegations from the human dignity groups of rural Oregon for a day of strategizing, networking, and skill building. This year’s Caucus will feature sessions on strategizing the next steps for the Oregon peace and justice movement, workshops on building our people power and strengthening our local groups, and highlights and successes from the past year in rural and small town organizing.
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ROP is a statewide organization of locally-based groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice, and the right to self-determination. Starting in 1992, ROP’s challenges to the anti-democratic right have earned ROP a national reputation for being an effective grassroots organization that takes on the hard issues. The catalyst for ROP was the Oregon Citizens Alliance and their outrageous Abnormal Behaviors Initiative, which targeted gay and lesbian Oregonians for legalized second-class citizenship. Oregonians in small towns across the state were mobilized, many for the first time, as basic tenets of the Constitution were at risk through this ballot initiative. ROP stepped into this organizing opportunity to fill a niche the radical right was trying to claim. ROP today works with 45 member groups, and another 25 contact groups, to organize on issues that impact human dignity and to advance inclusive democracy.

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Jan 2007 KTA: Town Halls By the People, For Our Congress People!

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? Long before the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003, local human dignity groups were pressuring Congress and the White House first, that there be no war, and then that the troops be brought home. Congress controls the budget and has the power to cut off funds. Public sentiment has shifted to oppose the war. Now is the time for members of Congress to stop funding the war. 
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