Endorse the Safe Schools Campaign!

Rural students are 26% more likely to experience bullying than their urban  counterparts.  Students of color, students with disabilities, and gay and transgender youth are also disproportionately impacted by bullying.  The Safe Schools 2009 campaign will strengthen Oregon’s anti‐bullying law, ensure consistent enforcement, and help keep all children safe.

Endorse the campaign, read more about the campaign, and contact your legislator today!

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Columbia County Latinos lead Procession for Respect and Dignity

Calling All Supporters of Human Dignity!

On Wednesday, February 18th, members of the Columbia County Latino community and their allies will join together for a community walk, entitled

Procession for Respect and Dignity

The walk is a public demonstration of the faces of Columbia County’s Latino community that have been under attack for the last eighteen months by ballot measures 5-190 and 5-191.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 18, 2009. 4pm – 6pm
WHERE: In St. Helens, Oregon. Starting at the St. Frederic Catholic Church at 175 S 13th, and ending at the County Courthouse.
WHO: New community organization Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor (LUFM), in collaboration with Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity (CCCHD), and with support from Rural Organizing Project, and CAUSA: Oregon’s Immigrants Rights Coalition

Download Flyers in English and Spanish and help spread the word!

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Welcome, Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor!

  Dear Ropnet, The last several months in Columbia County have shown that amazing opportunities often come well-disguised. After working tirelessly to defeat the county-wide anti-immigrant ballot measure 5-190 with a community campaign that brought together allies across the state, and then losing, things looked pretty grim. But what seemed like the end was really […]

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The Latino Community Organizes in Columbia County

Activists vote to select Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor as their official name.A warm welcome to ROP’s newest member group: Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor.

The Latino Community in Columbia County is organizing to push back against ballot measure 5-190, which seeks to fine employers $10,000 for hiring undocumented workers. A new group was born on January 29th called Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor (Latinos United for a Better Future). The group has already begun to plan action and outreach to the public to bring attention their stories and their rights as human beings living in the community.

LUFM leadership met this weekend with longstanding human dignity group Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity to begin a relationship of mutual support towards the shared goal of respect for the human dignity of EVERY member of the community

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Feb 2009 KTA: Innovation Evolving from Crisis

“Praise song for struggle; praise song for the day. Praise song for every hand-lettered sign; The figuring it out at kitchen tables.” Elizabeth Alexander, 2009 Inaugural Poet.   Kitchen Table Activism February 2009 This month we want to gather round the kitchen table (so to speak) and identify the most pressing needs of our neighbors […]

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Countdown to Peace at the ROP Caucus

While Obama seems committed to drawing down troops in Iraq – a victory that we should rightfully claim – there is still no hard and fast timeline for withdrawal, and plans to escalate the conflict in Afghanistan are advancing quickly.

Now, as much as ever, we must persevere and keep the pressure on for peace.  We must act together – yes, in large numbers, but also with big heart – so as to keep hope in community and build power in our collective strength.  ROP’s Annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session, on March 15th & 16th in Salem is a time for just that.

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Urgent! E-Verify Requirement to be added to Stimulus

That time of the year has come – the legislative session is now in full swing and many crucial immigrants rights issues will come up.

Here’s one for today.  This urgent request is being circulated in progressive circles throughout the nation.  Please take a moment to read about how our representatives would like to add E-Verify stipulations to the stimulus package now under consideration.  As an organization that holds up the rights of all people, we ask you, our ROP Immigration Fairness Network members, to step up and take action against this stipulation, which would unfairly target immigrant communities.

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Trade and Immigration come Home to Rural Oregon

This week, author and photojournalist David Bacon began his tour of the Northwest with a stop at the Congregational Church of Lincoln City. With roots in the labor movement, Bacon has been documenting the changing conditions in the workforce, the impact of the global economy, war and migration, and the struggle for human rights.

Keep reading to learn more about this event, see a calendar of upcoming David Bacon events, and about how to take action to support a more equitable global economy with the TRADE Act.

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