Feb 2009 KTA: Innovation Evolving from Crisis

“Praise song for struggle; praise song for the day. Praise song for every hand-lettered sign; The figuring it out at kitchen tables.” Elizabeth Alexander, 2009 Inaugural Poet.   Kitchen Table Activism February 2009 This month we want to gather round the kitchen table (so to speak) and identify the most pressing needs of our neighbors […]

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Countdown to Peace at the ROP Caucus

While Obama seems committed to drawing down troops in Iraq – a victory that we should rightfully claim – there is still no hard and fast timeline for withdrawal, and plans to escalate the conflict in Afghanistan are advancing quickly.

Now, as much as ever, we must persevere and keep the pressure on for peace.  We must act together – yes, in large numbers, but also with big heart – so as to keep hope in community and build power in our collective strength.  ROP’s Annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session, on March 15th & 16th in Salem is a time for just that.

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Urgent! E-Verify Requirement to be added to Stimulus

That time of the year has come – the legislative session is now in full swing and many crucial immigrants rights issues will come up.

Here’s one for today.  This urgent request is being circulated in progressive circles throughout the nation.  Please take a moment to read about how our representatives would like to add E-Verify stipulations to the stimulus package now under consideration.  As an organization that holds up the rights of all people, we ask you, our ROP Immigration Fairness Network members, to step up and take action against this stipulation, which would unfairly target immigrant communities.

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Trade and Immigration come Home to Rural Oregon

This week, author and photojournalist David Bacon began his tour of the Northwest with a stop at the Congregational Church of Lincoln City. With roots in the labor movement, Bacon has been documenting the changing conditions in the workforce, the impact of the global economy, war and migration, and the struggle for human rights.

Keep reading to learn more about this event, see a calendar of upcoming David Bacon events, and about how to take action to support a more equitable global economy with the TRADE Act.

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Making History!

Happy Inauguration Day 2009! This is a day we have been waiting for for a long, long time. This is also a day that many of us never thought we would get the chance to see. My heart cannot contain what it means for this country and for the world that have an African American […]

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The Real Oregon

In The Real Oregon, a four-minute video about Umatilla-Morrow Alternatives, ROP board member Frank Roa describes why he founded this Eastern Oregon group that develops leaders and works to end discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, or HIV status.  

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A Night that Counts

The last week of January is the annual One Night Homelessness Count, when Community Action Agencies (CAA) count the number of homeless people in each county. I’m afraid of what we might find. But discovering the real dimensions of what we are facing provides us with the necessary documentation and the critical awareness to move to crucial and creative solutions. Solutions that dig down to the roots of our families’ and communities’ economic insecurity and plant a new, more principled (and perhaps more homegrown) way to use and distribute our communities’ economic, social and environmental resources.

The count is a huge job that can require many volunteers. Members of at least three ROP member groups, Yamhill Valley Peacemakers, Human Dignity Advocates in Crook County, and the West County Council for Human Dignity in Washington County, are already planning to help out. Can you offer the services of your human dignity group (or maybe just yourself and a couple of friends) to assist in this counting process?

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Legislative Call for Action: Keep the Guard in OR!

January 12th marks the start of the 2009 Legislative Session.  Throughout the session we will send ROPnets focused on legislative action that is part of the ROP platform endorsed by our member groups. 

The first legislative call for action in 2009 is to make sure that your county is on record in support of keeping the Oregon National Guard in Oregon.

ROP and many other peace groups are members of the Campaign to Keep the Oregon National Guard Home.  We have been collecting petition signatures for months now and are scheduled to deliver them to the Capitol on Wednesday, January 21st.  A resolution to keep the Guard in Oregon will be introduced early in the Legislative session.  But we need the Governor and our State Senators and Representatives to know that it is not just Portland and Eugene and Corvallis who want the Guard to stay home.  It is Wallowa and Pendleton and Burns and Klamath Falls. 

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Stories from the Field

Check back regularly for stories from Human Dignity Groups across the state!

ROP member groups are making great strides toward justice in the far corners of the state. Here are some of their stories, campaigns and successes.

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Letter from a Marine Mom

ROP board member, Mary Geddry, created this video representation of her "open letter" to an Iraqi child, explaining how the actions of her son in a firefight have connected them to each other. Her son and her family will be forever changed by his experiences in Iraq


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