Keep the Guard in Oregon Updates and Action Alert


The Campaign to Keep Oregon’s Guard in Oregon continues to move forward; with an excellent hearing held in the House Rules committee last Wednesday (audio at, a well-covered rally and march on Sunday, and legislative visits to nearly every member of the legislature on Monday.

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Caucus Report and Pictures! March 15th and 16th 2009. Salem, Oregon

Yamhill Valley Peacmakers

Souther Oregon at the March on the Capitol

Our friends from Woodburn

District meetings at the Caucus — making plans for action

Unemployment county by county. The struggle continues!

NW Oregon Legislative Team.

Ellie, Lisa, Carol, Joe, Andrea & Larry

ROP district POWER

Alianza laying out the Hope & Crisis in Oregon

Thanks to Wes Brain and other for these great pictures!


36 hours & 36 counties!

The 2009 ROP Caucus ruled.

See our facebook page for more photos!

It was a whirlwind of fascinating ideas, transformative strategizing, & inspiring people. There was action, networking, resource sharing, learning, marching, dancing, and multi-organizational, multi-ethnic power building. 

Even The Oregonian got the message from our own dear Amy Dudley that people traveled from across rural Oregon, from Coquille to Irrigon, Walport to Prineville to represent rural interests in Salem.


Despite a rocky start that included logistical challenges and torrential rain, that couldn’t keep down the uplifting spirit that spider webbed its way across the two-day event. A fantastic 141 people from every corner of the state made the Caucus shine with possibility from start to hail drenched finish on the steps of the state Capitol!

We heard about the history of the economic crisis and critical resistance. We saw examples of innovative organizing from around the state. We marched on the Capitol to Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad. We strategized on a new economic structure for our state’s money. We learned about the realities and demands of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We ate an amazing Salvadoran dinner to celebrate the victory of the revolutionary peoples’ party (FMLN) in the El Salvadoran elections. And we lobbied our Legislators to keep the Guard home and on other issues of democracy, justice, and peace.

All in 36 hours!

As Judy Ross, Albany Peace Seekers, said “(I’ll be taking back to my group )a renewed enthusiasm, memories of the great “co-workers for the cause” who inspired me, and definitely the power mapping tool,” (ask what that tool is and how to use it in your groups!).

ROP heads out of the Caucus to do a little power mapping of our own.

We will be taking some time to plan our work for 2009 with the ideas generated at the Caucus. We are still sifting through our members’ brilliant ideas to affirm what you all found to be the most compelling for our organizing, but it is safe to say that whatever direction we go – building & exercising our power is our top priority!

One point of complete clarity was the standing room only crowd in the Systemic Change: Building a Peoples’ Economy workshop at the Caucus. This is an issue that you care about and that is slapping us in the face each day as we lose our social programs and homes while corporate profiteers make millions and seem to be above the law.


The economy is failing working people, rural economies are in the dumps, and we are ready for fundamental change. ROP is working to decipher what our role is in transforming the system into something that values rural and working people.


ROP will be asking for your thoughts and ideas on the future of our economic justice work in the upcoming weeks & months. Look for campaign proposals that flex our statewide membership might; this is a critical moment for us to fight together.


The Caucus was a great start – we are taking that energy, your enthusiasm and hope in times of crisis, into the rest of 2009!


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Annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session

On March 15th & 16th, 2009, ROP members from all corners of the state will converge on the Capitol in Salem for 36 hours to advance our progressive power. We’ll start with a Sunday Rural Caucus to hone our organizing strategies and skills and affirm our platform of specific policy needs. On Monday, we’ll take that platform to our Legislators and Governor, exposing the unacceptable Costs of the Wars at Home and Abroad and demanding a new deal for Rural Oregon’s communities and beyond.

We have worked hard to earn back some progressive, common sense power.
In 2009, we intend to use it.
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Democracy Bailout!

We think that it is time for an infusion of democracy and a show of solidarity at the Capitol!  That’s why ROP and our allies at PCUN, Oregon Action, AFSC, CALC, Center for Intercultural Organizing, and others are joining together for a Democracy Bailout Day of Action in Salem on Monday, March 16th.

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ICE & Arpaio still terrorizing. Know Your Rights!

Today, the New York Times Editorial Page took the Obama Administration to task for their Bush-holdover immigration enforcement policies. Meanwhile, this past weekend thousands of people rallied in Phoenix against the dictatorial Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Check out the great coverage of the protest by Pacifica Radio. The public has tired of militaristic tactics in our streets and against our communities — activists know it and even the media knows it. Yet old policies remain the standard.

What do you do when raids, racial profiling, harassment or hate crimes happen in your community? And what are the alternatives to this broken system?

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Standing Out! for Gender Justice

The realities of day-to-day life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Oregonians has changed a lot since ROP first organized rural communities to defeat Measure 9 – the anti-gay ballot measure which sought to define homosexuality as ‘abnormal and perverse’ and enjoin state agencies from doing anything to ‘promote the homosexual agenda.’ “[New laws] have […]

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Mar 2009 KTA: Stories from Home

This year’s Rural Caucus and Strategy Session is all about, “Organizing with Hope in Times of Crisis.” In preparation, Human Dignity Groups around the state will root out examples of Hope and Crisis in each of our communities, and collage them together to build the peoples’ story of struggle, courage and new models of survival in rural Oregon.

Think of it as a scavenger hunt, a show-and-tell, or a group crafts project. Bring your stories to the ROP Caucus coming up in a few short weeks and together we’ll build a visual representation of hope & crisis with pictures, brochures, art and news stories.

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