The Courts Rule in Columbia County

Do you know someone unemployed, under-employed, at risk of losing their house and relying on the food bank to keep their family fed?  You probably do.  They may even live next door or closer.  These are among the growing majority of people vulnerable to wanting someone to blame.  The Madoff’s of the world are far away.

So who should we get mad at?

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Up, up with Workers’ Rights!

May Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks and there is certainly plenty of reasons to come out this year.

Economic Justice for All!

Sustainable jobs for all!

Quality Health Care for all!
 Money for human needs, not war!
 Pass the Employee Free Choice Act!
 Tax the corporations, banks and wealthy!
 Stop the ICE Raids and End the Detentions!
 Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW!
 No bailouts for the banks or corporations!
  Stop evictions and foreclosures, 
housing is a human right!




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Opportunity to host war resister Benji Lewis!

The Rural Organizing Project has decided to co-sponsor a Speakers Tour featuring war resister Benji Lewis from Corvallis.

If your group might be interested in hosting a stop on Benji’s tour, please get in touch with Amanda as soon as possible (, so we can talk about what support ROP can offer your group, and get you in touch with Leah, the tour coordinator.

Let’s get Benji’s important message out to Oregon!
End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! Stop the violence abroad! Keep our youth in school not at war!

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Coming Soon to a Community Near You…

In just a few days, our Representatives and Senators will be on their way home from D.C. for a legislative recess lasting from April 4th to April 19th, and we don’t want to let it go to waste! Congresspeople are home during these two weeks specifically to hear from us and get feedback before making decisions in DC that will affect us all. There are a number of very important issues that are being decided right now in Congress, and this recess offers us a unique opportunity to visit with our elected representatives on our own turf, and in our own communities.

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April 2009 KTA: Bringing Our Money Home!

  April 15th is Tax Day, a day that fills some with a sense of civic responsibility and most with a sense of dread. This year, as we file taxes, many of us are feeling an anger that we haven’t felt before. That’s why we’re turning this annual ritual into a reminder that it is our contributions […]

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Tax the Bailout!

In October 2008, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) provided over $350 billion in federal funding to the largest US bank-holding companies. These are the financial institutions that have crashed both the US and Mexican economies and initiated a worldwide recession.  While the bailout was tax-free from the federal standpoint, there is nothing to prevent a state from taxing the companies incorporated in that state that are subsidiaries of TARP recipients.  A 35% charge on the subsidy within J.P. Morgan Chase’s Oregon TARP funds would yield over $17 million.

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