Health Care for All

November 2009
Dear President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Members of Congress:
Like you, we care about this country’s health. We agree with Grandma Yi, who dreams of the day when anyone can confidently seek medical care. Please stand strong for all of our states’ residents, parents, small business owners and workers, youth, volunteers and seniors, to live healthy lives. It is time to pass health reform legislation that includes all human beings. The longer we wait, the more it will hurt our families, and cost our businesses and government. We should not make people wait five years to seek medical care when they are working in low-wage jobs. Let’s support all families and children:
  1. Make the federal government pay their fair share by removing their five year bar for legal immigrants in Medicaid and Medicare
  2. Make health reform affordable to everyone by allowing public access to purchase the public option in the new marketplace for health insurance
  3. Let everyone who subsidizes the health system to participate in it, and make informed health decisions, regardless of immigration status


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Freedom to Marry Comes to Rural Oregon

Freedom to Marry is coming to Rural Oregon!  The first rural and small town statewide gathering for the Freedom to Marry campaign is coming up on Sunday, November 15th at the First Presbyterian Church in Cottage Grove!   The training will take place from 12noon-5pm and is open to all ROP members and supporters.  We’ll be taking lessons learned from Maine and Washington this week, and participants will learn about the strategy to win freedom to marry for all committed couples in Oregon and get hands-on tools for how to talk about this campaign in our hometowns.

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Don’t get Tricked! Vote Yes on 66 and 67 this January!

Don’t Let Your Neighbors Get Tricked this Halloween! Make Sure They

Halloween is almost here!  There is no other holiday in this country that we celebrate by gathering to chat with new friends on street corners and knocking on our neighbors’ doors.  Human Dignity leaders get lucky this time of year, because all those things that we love to do to break down barriers in our communities and get our message out . . . on this one day everybody is doing them along with us!
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Connecting with Our Movement Pals

Every once in a while in our organizing we need to step back and take a look at how our movement is doing and how we are doing ourselves. How are you doing? What is giving you hope right now?  What connections are you building that nurture and inspire you?
ROP board member Steve Milligan and longtime ROP friend Jerry Atkin recently took their frustrations, their sadness, and their hope to the streets (actually, on the bus!).  They joined a multistate caravan from the Northwest to San Jose to protest deportation and promote just immigration reform.  And they came back inspired, moved and feeling connected to that larger, long-term movement community we all belong to.
Read on to hear more about ROPers connecting with our movement building community.
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There’s no place like home!

  It is SO good to be back at ROP!  We’ve got a growing movement for rural justice, we’ve got a new ROP baby, and we’ve got Cara Shufelt returning to us after a year away!       From Cara: In June, 2008 I left my staff position at ROP to begin a year […]

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Oregon Grown Solidarity

As human dignity organizers in rural Oregon we are often called on to stand up for our community, for the needs and rights of our families and neighbors.  At the same time, we live in a globalized world where our lives are tied in unseen ways to the lives of millions of people we’ve never met, and the decisions we make can and do have impacts worlds away.
In the middle of local struggles in Oregon to protect the basic services that we count on daily: free education, health care for the disabled and elderly, and public safety, we can also keep in mind the struggles of others that are connected to us.
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ROP is Getting on the Bus! (to protest deportation!)


ROP is joining a multistate caravan to California this week to protest deportation and demand immigration reform now.


Real people’s lives are being impacted right now by our broken detention and deportation systems. 


    * My friend who is a high school counselor is spending this week in Tacoma in court because one of her students is in the process of deportation to a country he’s never been to and only has distant relatives who live there. 

    * 300 farmworkers lost their jobs in Polk County recently

    * 350 workers were recently detained in Laurel, Mississippi. 

    * And nearly 60% of immigrants detained this past year were handed over by local law enforcement, though most do not have a criminal conviction.


This system is hurting families every day.  And ROP leaders Steve Milligan & Jerry Atkin are hitting the streets this week to speak out (or, getting on the bus that is!).


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