Paying a Fair Share is Budget Balance!

From reading the papers and listening to the news, we are hearing about budget cuts, shorter school years, reduced services, and more budget cuts.  Seniors are competing with kids, healthcare is competing with transportation, and the hungry are competing with people with disabilities.  The most vulnerable are vying for pieces of a pie that will never feed us all! 

But that’s the shell game!  We follow the holes in the budget and see that they don’t add up, but we don’t see that the wealth exists in our state, if not in our state’s budget!  The real problem is that we are not sharing the responsibility for taking care of our needs.  Instead we are trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and most vulnerable in Oregon who are exactly the same folks who have been hardest hit by the economic crisis.

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Ellie Fired her Bank! And so can you.

Read about how ROP member Ellie Pope told WaMu "You’re Fired!"
Join Ellie’s movement or go your own direction, we’ve got some ideas for your group right here!

ROP knows that we don’t have the golden answer, but we do have some ideas.

  • How would you like to Fire Your Bank? Or even better, how would you like to get your city to fire their bank and invest our money in local institutions like Credit Unions or Community Banks?
  • What about a Building a Just Economy for Working People forum where you can craft your own ideas and bring in new people from a variety of communities to explore local solutions?
  • What if your garden was about more than growing food but about growing a movement?
  • What do you think about asking your county to only Buy American products and use only American labor with their stimulus money?


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Community Demonstration Garden at ROP

Community Demonstration Garden Planned at ROP House in Scappoose. Work Party on Saturday May 9th – 9 am to 12pm. We are planning a garden at the ROP house, 33421 SW Maple in Scappoose,  across from the Middle School. We hope that a community-tended garden  of ornamentals, fruit bearing plants, and raised vegetable beds will […]

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Stand Strong Against Hate!

Progressive rural Oregon has stepped up with bold responses to recent challenges to community peace and unity, but now more than ever we count on the ROP network throughout the state of Oregon to maintain vigilance and open lines of communication.  Let’s send a message to hate groups and perpetrators of hate crimes that says, […]

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Road to Recovery

On February 17th, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a huge and potentially signficant investment in the US economy.  While many of the local projects have been submitted and much of the funds have already been allocated, we have a role to play in deciding how our tax dollars should be used.  What is the legacy of this huge investment?  More jails or better healthcare?  And who will be hired for these upgrades? 

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Benji Lewis: War Resister

It’s not every day that somebody in our community makes an enormous personal sacrifice in order to stand up for their beliefs.

That’s why the Rural Organizing Project has decided to co-sponsor a Speakers Tour featuring war resister Benji Lewis from Corvallis.

Are you interested in hosting Benji? Read more to find out if he is already scheduled for a visit to your town, or to learn more about his tour.

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Getting Prepared for May 19th.

  Are you feeling powerless? Does it seem like you are at the mercy of banks, loans, government with little accountability? While it takes a grand effort on our parts to have a voice in economic bailouts or Obama’s foreign policy, we actually do have a lot of control over some of the simple things […]

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Coos County needs your Voice!

ROP board member and member of Concerned Citizens of Coquille Mary Geddry has been working for years to get to this point. Her visionary wind power project that would create jobs, energy independence, and revenue for coastal Coos County and local town school districts, is being considered for funding in Washington D.C. this week. The […]

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