Rural Caucus & Strategy Session April 10th!

Every Spring the members and leaders of the Rural Organizing Project come together from every corner of the state to reflect on our last year and strategize for our next. This year, the Rural Caucus & Strategy Session will be on Saturday, April 10th in Albany. Help build Hometown Strategies for Democratic Economies in rural […]

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Town Hall Reconnaissance

Democracy in action is a beautiful thing.  Yes it can be loud, rambunctious and annoying; but that is sort of the magic of the system – that it is a spectacle, on both sides.  As the Town Halls circle back to us this month, we see progressives using creative tactics to get their demands heard and Tea Baggers shouting down Congressmen.  All the while ROP is there beside you, helping make sense of this wild democracy. 


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ROP’s Top 9 from 2009!

Collectively the ROP and it’s human dignity member groups accomplished a lot in 2009!  We invite you to take a moment to look back on all we’ve done and achieved in our shared project to advance justice and democracy in rural Oregon.  So here are, in no particular order, ROP’s Top 9 from 2009.  Take […]

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Rural Justice in 2010!

This year, a lot of us have been waiting for inspiration.  One year ago, we were riding high.  We had worked hard and finally had our new day.  Obama’s election brought us out of the Bush years with a bang!  The promise and relief were so sweet you could taste it.  We knew that one […]

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Award

Bill Hall with Homeless Connect 2007Coastal Progressives honor Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall

Thursday Dec. 10, 2009 was Universal Human Rights Day, and on that day the Coastal Progressives of Lincoln County presented Commissioner Bill Hall with a certificate of appreciation for his work on behalf of human rights and service to the community. This is the third year Coastal Progressives have presented the Human Rights Day award in Lincoln County; previous winners were Centro de Ayuda and its director, Jorge Hernandez, for their work with local immigrants’ rights and Ginger Gouveia of Waldport, for her work in New Orleans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.
           Evelyn Brookhyser, Bridget Dix and Bruce McCain of Samaritan House met with Commissioner Hall in his office on Thursday to thank him for his extensive efforts on behalf of homeless persons, including work in conjunction with the Community Services Consortium to establish a 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county. Commissioner Hall also initiated the annual Homeless Connect program which offers services and hot meals to homeless persons and established the Warming Center at the county fairgrounds to offer warmth and shelter in winter weather.
            Dr. Tom Kerns, on behalf of the Environment and Human Rights Advisory and Concerned Citizens for Clean Air, was also in attendance to thank Commissioner Hall for his significant work to assure the right of Lincoln County residents and visitors to a clean and healthy environment and their right to be free from exposure to environmental toxics.
           Mark Saelens, Program Manager and Sustainability Coordinator for the Lincoln County Solid Waste District, was unable to be present, but in a letter of appreciation, he thanked Commissioner Hall for his many new and important initiatives for the community, the economy and the environment. According to Saelens, “Bill provided essential support for ushering in some focus on sustainability issues in Lincoln County by supporting (along with the other commissioners) establishment of the Lincoln County Sustainability Committee and appointment of a County Sustainability Coordinator.”
          Rennie Ferris, board member of the Rural Organizing Project, and Alice McCain made the presentation of the award certificate on behalf of ROP and its member group, Coastal Progressives.

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Snooping out our rural Oregon windows

Whether you wanted progressive health care or progress on health care, you are probably disappointed.  It is tempting to blame the tea bagger protestors when, of course, the real challenge to democracy is that we were sold out by parties beholden to corporate lobbyists.  They steered us to a global collapse and stuck around to pick up the choice pieces.  It’s enough to make you angry.

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Hometown Heroes

“The destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities” –Eleanor Roosevelt This Thursday, December 10th marks the anniversary of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights (UDHR).  Each year,  numerous ROP member groups use this occasion to honor a person in their community whose efforts to advance human […]

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Oregonians against Rich-Tweaking Taxes Vow to Fight Measures 66 & 67

Oregonians For Rich-Tweaking Taxes

Measures 66 & 67 ask very rich people & large corporations to pay a little more in taxes so that schools can stay open, poor kids can be on the Oregon Health Plan and, the old & ‘disabled’ get adequate care. What an outrage! We feel that the burden of running society should be squarely on the backs of its middle and lower classes. The rich and corporate business community have long been exempt from paying a fair share of taxes, and we want to ask you now: why change a good thing?

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