Bring Your Money Home: Switch Kit

Bringing Your Money Home means

  • Divesting from Bailout Banks and moving your money into community banks or credit unions.

  • Local control and doing business with people you trust, building a strong local economy
  • More of our resources stay in our towns – creating jobs, making loans and supporting local priorities.
ROP’s BYMH easy switch kit walks you through moving your money to a local bank or credit union, step by step.  Got direct deposit or automatic payments? BYMH forms are all you need to transfer these services from your old account to your new one!
Download here:


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InFusion of democracy in the 2 party system

    What if there were political parties other than Democrat and Republican? Well, of course, there are. Though minor parties are often underrepresented on our ballots & portrayed as less than credible by mainstream institutions. Meanwhile, less than half of eligible voters in Oregon are identified as either D’s or R’s (47%). So, branching […]

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Guard Home Campaign Considers Successes as Legislative Session Comes to a Close

Education on the Issue of "Who Decides on War?" Key to Year-Long Effort
As Oregon’s 2009 Legislative session comes to a close, organizers of the
"Campaign to Keep Oregon’s Guard in Oregon" are reviewing their successes
over a year, despite the fact that efforts to pass a bill and a Joint
Memorial did not come to fruition. The bill, HB 2556, would have written
into law the Governor’s power to review federal orders for mobilizing the
Oregon National Guard to ensure those orders were lawful and based on a
valid enactment by Congress. The Memorial, HJM 5-1 (with proposed
amendments), would have informed Congress that Oregon’s Legislature
believes the state has the responsibility to review such orders for their
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“I’m off to Have a Baby!”

I’m off to have a baby!  Tomorrow, July 3rd, is the first day of my 3 month leave where I will start learning how to be a parent to my first child due July 11th.  I’m calling it my sabbatical to learn how to be a movement mama.  I feel so fortunate to be able […]

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July 2009 KTA: That Perfect Summer Day

Summertime in Oregon is about as good as it gets, with community parades, farmers markets, and fairs nearly every weekend. That’s why the July KTA activity is to take advantage of these community celebrations to celebrate the launch of a statewide Peoples Economy! So, go to the market, hangout at the parade & get a […]

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2009 Legislative Wrap Up – Highlights and Challenges Ahead

The 2009 Oregon Legislative Session concludes with some notable victories – passage of safe schools legislation that protects kids from harassment, a budget that funds schools and increases veterans benefits, improvements to tax fairness on the revenue front, and the failure of all anti-immigrant legislation to name a few.  These successes were supported by more than 50 ROP members who consistently wrote letters, made calls, sent emails and faxes, and wrote letters to the editor to keep our priorities clear and present.  Thank you, ROPers! 

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ROP’s 2009 Legislative Platform

In the 2009 Legislature, ROP will raise up a legislative platform that says YES to Rebuilding Oregon and NO to the Cost of War at Home and Abroad.

Now is the time to transform our hope for change into action at local, state, and national levels. We can turn back the tide of the past eight years and beyond and begin a new era of interdependence, respect, innovation, and community building rooted in true peace, justice, and democracy.

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