What do we want?!

Dear ROPnet,

We are for justice. We are against the war. We are in favor of human rights. We are opposed to corruption and brutality.

Progressives often talk about our missions in very broad terms, not surprising considering our 30-second spot culture. However, in these first months of 2009 and especially in these first days of January we have the opportunity to describe specifically what it is we want and when it is we want it. (JUSTICE! … NOW! Just kidding.)

Yesterday Congress was sworn into their new positions as the representatives of you and me. President-elect Obama will, of course, be sworn in two weeks on January 20th.

There are many things that ROP will demand of our new national and state leadership. One thing is Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The National Council of La Raza and the National Immigration Fourm are circulating a sign-on letter for organizations that reminds our elected officials that we want a speedy and just resolution to the immigration mess. Add your organization to this national sign-on letter to push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform can mean a lot of different things to lots of different people though. Luckily, our friends at CAUSA have shared a description that gets to the heart of the kind of comprehensive immigration reform that we want.  Does it include the priorities and concerns of your communities?

But it’s not just immigration on the table in D.C. or in Salem. Start crafting your own local policy platforms now — and sign on to ROP‘s.  And then bring your state-based demands to the Annual Caucus and Strategy Session in Salem on March 15 and Democracy Bailout Lobby Day on March 16 where ROPers from around the state will converge on the Capitol in Salem to infuse our state government with a healthy dose of democracy!

In solidarity,

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