What are your election plans?

From huge victories for reproductive justice in Kansas to Congress passing the Inflation Reduction Act, we’re seeing glimmers of hope about what people power makes possible in the face of recent bleak US Supreme Court decisions. We have exciting opportunities to make a big difference here in rural Oregon during the upcoming election, from local races for City Councils and County Commissions to statewide ballot measures focused on healthcare, gun safety, removing slavery from the Oregon Constitution, and putting an end to legislators walking out to stop the Oregon Legislature from carrying out its business. This is a great moment for all of us who care about rebuilding democracy to meet our neighbors where they’re at, find common ground, and identify new people who want to join the rural movement for human dignity! What is your group planning for the election?

One key way that human dignity groups across the state of Oregon work together and make our voices heard is to have neighbor-to-neighbor conversations about the issues and to support our friends, families, coworkers, and neighbors to vote this November! Every year there are ballot measures, rural groups that make up the Rural Organizing Project join together to create and share the Small Town Actions for a New Democracy (STAND) Election Guide. This simple newsprint guide breaks down the ballot measures into easy-to-understand language, provides information about how to vote in Oregon, and invites conversations centered in our shared rural values of human dignity, interdependence, and justice for all. Human dignity groups are able to use the STAND Election Guide as a resource to cut through the election spin and slick campaign mailers to talk about how we can join together to rebuild our democracy, not only by voting in November, but by taking action together throughout the year. Order STAND Guides for your group’s neighbor-to-neighbor election work here, and we will ship them to you in early October!

Image of the STAND election guide newsletter

This year we have ONLY positive ballot measures that advance health, safety, and democracy: 

  • Measure 111 would add to the Oregon Constitution that accessible and affordable healthcare is a human right
  • Measure 112 would remove slavery from the Oregon Constitution as a punishment for people who are incarcerated
  • Measure 113 would hold legislators accountable who walk out of session to prevent the legislature from carrying out the people’s business. If an elected representative missed 10 or more days in their term without an excuse, they would not be allowed to run for re-election.
  • Measure 114 would ban the sale of gun magazines that hold more than ten bullets, and would require anyone wanting to buy a gun to get a permit first by completing a gun safety course and a background check. This measure would not be on the ballot if it weren’t for thousands of volunteers collecting signatures, including many ROPers!

With exciting ballot measures that help make Oregon a safer, healthier and more equitable place to call home, this election is the perfect time to get new community members involved in your group and the movement for democracy! ROP is ready to support folks who are ready to talk to their neighbors. Do you need a list of houses to doorknock? We can pull you a list! Do you want tools like example sign-up sheets so you can capture the contact information of great people you meet and want to keep in touch with post-election? We can send you templates and examples! Do you want to hold a ballot party, a candidate town hall, or an election event, but need a how-to? We can share planning guides and help talk through a plan with you! Not sure where to start? We’re happy to hop on the phone and chat through what feels exciting and possible for your group, what goals you’d like to set, and share resources and tools to help you make your plan a reality!

Groups across rural Oregon collectively share the costs of STAND Guide printing and shipping. Are you interested in ordering guides for your human dignity group, civics group, issue campaign, or just for yourself? Place your order here by Wednesday, September 21st, or email emma@rop.org!

+Costs for member groups are estimated to be:
$880/10000; $540/5000; $370/2500; $250/1500; $205/1000; $105/500; $65/250; $35/100; and $20/50.

+Non-member groups:
$900/10000; $560/5000; $385/2500; $265/1500; $215/1000; $115/500; $75/250; $40/100; and $25/50.

Please note that we do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone hungry to do this work. Please reach out to us at emma@rop.org if you’d like to receive a grant of STAND Guides!

We are so excited and inspired by all of the powerful ways rural Oregonians are showing up to build and rebuild democracy, and we will be sending out a series of ROPnets that highlight examples to inspire you as well! Please stay tuned, and let us know what your group is planning so we can share with the network. We’d love to hear from you!