Welcoming Communities: Bridging Cultures in Rural Oregon

August 20th, 2013

Dear ROPnetters,

Hope everybody is enjoying the summer!

National Welcoming Week is just 4 weeks away. Do you have plans for how to celebrate in your community?  Welcoming Week is a time to honor the contributions of immigrants to our communities, and bring together immigrants and US-born residents in a spirit of sharing, unity, and mutual support.

One of the best ways to celebrate this year is by participating in the launch of ROP’s brand-new mini-documentary:

Welcoming Communities: Bridging Cultures in Rural Oregon.

welcoming communities

The 20-minute documentary features interviews with ROPers from Yamhill, Lincoln, and Columbia Counties, and is a beautiful testament to the power of small-town transformational organizing.

For Welcoming Week, screen Welcoming Communities: Bridging Cultures in Rural Oregon at your local library, community center, or home.  It’s easy to put together an event, whether it’s a movie screening and discussion, or paired with a multicultural potluck at your church, or a storytelling night where each family shares their story of migration, immigration, or of being on the welcoming end to immigrants.  Welcoming Communities: Bridging Cultures in Rural Oregon is your tool to have the conversation about how to make your community more welcoming.

Welcoming week is September 15th to 22nd, choose any day to do your event.  For more ideas, see July’s Kitchen Table Activity.

And of course, let us know what your event is and how we can help!  Send us photos or stories from your event and we’ll share them with the rest of the ROP family across the state.

Best wishes to all,

PS. Make it a double-date during Welcoming Week and screen the March for ONE Oregon video at the same time.  Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos is an exciting and inspiring documentary of documents 50 Oregonians’ journey through Eastern Oregon earlier this year advocating for immigration reform.  Go to the video here.