Welcome to the Team, Sidra!

We are so excited to introduce the newest member to the ROP staff team: Sidra Pierson!

As we are fitfully emerging from the winter omicron spike, rural community leaders are taking action right now and we are thrilled to share that ROP is expanding our staff team of brilliant, experienced, dedicated, passionate people focused on building the rural movement for human dignity and justice! Many of you have already chatted with Sidra about this year’s Rural Caucus and Strategy Session. She will be working with human dignity groups in the mid-Willamette Valley and Northeastern Oregon! Read on to learn more about Sidra, and please join us in welcoming her to the team by sending her an email at sidra@rop.org!

Headshot of Sidra smiling
Welcome, Sidra!

Sidra joined the ROP staff team in March of 2022. She first got involved in organizing in high school, participating in walkouts to protest sexual harassment and in support of Black Lives Matter, as well as starting a Fair Trade club to advocate for fair working conditions and sustainable livelihoods. At college in Vermont, she was deeply involved in climate justice organizing, joining a campaign to advocate for divestment from fossil fuels and organizing conversations about justice and inclusivity in campus spaces. She also worked with other students to prevent a white nationalist from speaking on campus and to create alternative, inclusive events. Sidra grew up in California and spent her childhood visiting family across Oregon. She is so excited to now be living in Deschutes County and working with human dignity groups across the state. Send Sidra an email at sidra@rop.org.

Sidra said, “I am so grateful and excited to be an organizer with ROP! I’ve had an incredible first few weeks, and am deeply impressed by all of the work that’s going on across the network. Thank you to those who have welcomed me so far! I can’t wait to meet more of you and to continue to support your work in building thriving and welcoming rural communities.”  

Interested in joining the team, or know someone who is hungry to build rural people power? We’re always on the lookout for passionate rural organizers!

Organizer – Full-Time, Rural Oregon

We are seeking a full-time organizer to build and strengthen the movement for justice in several rural and frontier counties in Oregon. We are looking for organizers that have a demonstrated ability to develop local leaders over time, use grassroots organizing to build community power, understand issues impacting small-town and rural communities, experience organizing with people most impacted by intersecting oppressions, enthusiastic about traveling and meeting new people, and excellent communication skills. Check out the full job description and application at rop.org/careers.

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