Wanted: New Wheels for ROP

Our lean and mean organizing model means that we make good use of member’s contributions and in-kind donations.  Everything from the furniture in our office to the community garden in our front yard to our printers and paper is thanks to the culture of chipping in that surrounds ROP. It’s a culture that makes our work possible.

About a year ago, one of our donated ROP mobiles retired on us. Our Dodge Colt was a vehicle for helping us support Human Dignity in rural Oregon for five years, made dozens of trips through rural and small town Oregon, and is missed.


We are now seeking another car to help ROP get where it needs to go. In the last two months, ROP has brought on two new organizing staff and a part-time intern (me), bringing our staff count to 5+.  This means twice as many organizers to criss-cross the state and support groups from our Scappoose office.  ROP relies on its donated cars to get our organizers on the road visiting human dignity groups and bringing events like the Know Your Rights Tour we’re putting on with the Civil Liberties Defense Center – a tour that will reach 10 emerging Latino-led groups that ROP is working this year.

Like many of the things we get for the office, we’re not looking for something brand new but something dependable and in good working order. If you have a working car that’s just collecting rust in a garage, barn, or yard we’ve got a good home for it.

Our expanding office family of staff and volunteers also creates the need for another laptop. Laptops also give us the flexibility to do our work anytime, anywhere. If you’ve just upgraded your home or work laptop and can’t decide what to do with the old one, send it our way!

On top of helping support Human Dignity in rural Oregon, ROP is a 501c3 non-profit so your donations are tax deductible. Office supply donations like paper, notebooks, markers, etc, are also always welcome so feel free to call the office or email me to get more details on current needs & in-kind giving to ROP.

Thank you for your continued support!

Andy Kiyuna, Rural Organizing Project Intern

white car w- barn4 2

R.I.P. Dodge Colt, aka, “the white car”

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