Walk for Truth, Justice and Community

October 26th, 2012

Dear ROPnetters,

In 2005, outraged by the impact of the cost of war at home and abroad, and hungry to make our dissent heard, we marched.  The Walk for Truth, Justice and Community lasted for 7 days as rural peace activists and immigrant leaders came together to march from Salem to Portland demanding peace, immigrant justice, and human dignity.

Walking that same road, today at 9am, a march began from Portland to Salem.  Our friends at Oregon DREAM Activists can’t wait for action on drivers licenses, on permanent immigration relief.  This is urgent – and so today they begin their march, stopping to rest and tell their story in Oregon City, Canby, and Woodburn along the way, supported by their small-town allies.

Their press release is below.  

As these courageous youth lead yet another movement chapter – they also ask for our support.  For the thousands of us who don’t live in the Portland-Salem corridor, I pass on an action alert that the DREAM Activists have shared.  Pick up that phone and call to support our 2012 DREAM marchers!!

“I am calling to urge Governor Kitzhaber to immediately issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER granting licenses to all Oregonians. Undocumented residents of Oregon should not live in fear, granting licenses will help our roads in Oregon be safer.”1. Call the Governor: 503-378-3111

2. Call Frank Garcia, Senior Policy Advisor: 503-986-6543


In solidarity,

***For Immediate Release***                  [Event Friday, Oct. 26]                                        October 22, 2012

Sindy Avila [English] 503.951.0730

Jaime Limon-Guzman [Spanish] 503.473.2270

Undocumented Youth to Press Gov. Kitzhaber for Executive Order on Immigrant Driver’s Licenses 
Walking from Portland to Salem to demand return of state licenses 

PORTLAND—Oregon DreamActivist is demanding that Governor John Kitzhaber issue an executive order to return driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants in the state of Oregon. The previous Democratic governor, Ted Kulongoski, took away licenses with an executive order; this governor can undo it. Four members of Oregon DreamActivist will walk from Pioneer Square in Portland to the Capitol in Salem starting on Friday to press for the freedom to drive safely on Oregon’s roads.

WHAT: Walk to demand return of Driver’s Licenses 
WHEN/WHERE: Starting Oct. 26, 9AM at Pioneer Square in Portland (701 SW Sixth Ave.) 
WHO: Oregon DreamActivist, Undocumented Families, Supporters
VISUALS: Rally, supporters, signs, beginning of walk 

“I will walk for social equality and for the immediate demand to reinstate driver’s licenses for undocumented people,” said Sindy Avila, one of the walkers. “We will not stop fighting, organizing and sharing our stories until ALL of our communities are treated with dignity, respect and justice.” If one governor can take them away with an executive order, Oregon DreamActivist argues, another can give them back.

The walkers are expected to arrive at the State Capitol on October 30 at 12:00pm. Immigrant families can no longer wait while they continue to be placed at risk of racial profiling or being torn apart from their families on their way to school or work. While politicians have debated the merits of a Utah-style proposal—a driving “privilege” card that would invariably reveal the immigrant’s status to police—immigrant communities have grown more aware of the need for a real license proposal that allows them to travel safely to and from their homes and interact comfortably with law enforcement. Similarly, allowing police to recognize the matricula consular ID issued by the Mexican consulate also creates a two-tier system and prevents immigrant communities from feeling secure in their encounters with law enforcement, not to mention that many undocumented immigrants are not Mexican citizens. Safer roads will make all Oregonians secure and foster a better relationship between law enforcement and the immigrant community.

The Walkers: 
Adriana Limon-Guzman, 24, came to the United States when she was nine years old from Mexico. Having faced the limitations of not having a valid ID or Social Security Number, Adriana is fighting for her little brother who will one day also have to struggle like her. 
Jaime Limon-Guzman, 26, came with his family as a child hoping to reunite with his father and find a better life in the United States. After his hopes of becoming a firefighter were dashed, he began organizing in the Northwest for immigrant rights and co-founded Oregon DreamActivist. 
Javier Perez, 46, came to the United States from Mexico when he was twenty-five years old, seeking a better life for his family. Javier is a father of two children, now 17 and 20. He is walking to support the future of thousands of other children who live in fear each day that their parents will be detained and deported.
Sindy Avila, 24, came to the United States with her parents when she was two years old. Her parents worked in Oregon’s strawberry fields and canneries. After pursuing a college education, Sindy began working for the rights of farm workers in California and Oregon. 

Oregon DreamActivist is launching a petition to Governor Kitzhaber through DreamActivist.org to support driver’s licenses in the state of Oregon. The petition can be found here: http://action.dreamactivist.org/oregon/license/

Oregon DreamActivist is an undocumented-led organization. Our mission is to #Empower #Educate and #Escalate in an effort to win the rights our community deserves.