Congratulations Oregon!!!  It is a historic day and hopefully one of many victories for immigrant justice this year!!

See the release below from our friends at CAUSA.



Equity Passes Oregon State Senate!Salem, Ore.– Ten years after it was first introduced, the Oregon State Senate in an historic vote passed Tuition Equity — House Bill 2787. The bill will now heads to the Governor’s Desk for a signature.

After a discussion on the Senate floor with most Legislators voicing strong support for passage of the bill, 19 Senators voted “Yes” and 11 voted “No”.

Those voting “Yes” included Senators Courtney (President), Devlin, Hansell, Monroe, Roblan, Starr, Bates, Burdick, Dingfelder, Hass, Rosenbaum, Steiner Hayward, Beyer, Edwards, Johnson, Monnes Anderson, Prozanski, Shields, and Thomsen. Those voting “No” included Senators Baertschiger, Boquist, Close, Ferrioli, George, Girod, Knopp, Kruse, Olsen, Whitsett, Winters.

Congradulations to all those individuals, students, community leaders, organizations, businesses, teachers, clergy, legislators, union members, and others who have worked so hard to pass this bill!

Our next important legislative battle includes passing a bill in the Oregon State House that will restore driver’s licenses.  Stay tuned for updates!


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