The power to create positive, lasting change

The power to create positive, lasting change lies within rural communities!

As we reflect back on 2023, a few things remain constant: 
•  Human dignity groups in every county are the heart and soul of ROP   
•  Our model succeeds because our priorities come from rural communities    
•  We couldn’t do this work without YOU – rural leaders, volunteers, and supporters

We are building a lasting statewide movement for human dignity that takes collective action at the intersections of issues that matter most to rural Oregonians. The power of positive change lies within rural Oregon and your support is more important than ever.

For decades, rural Oregonians have been fighting for survival as economic, social, and climate catastrophes continue to become more severe and devastating. White nationalist activity and violence in rural Oregon are on the rise: as public infrastructure for schools, emergency response, and more is defunded, militias have been filling the vacuum to seize power. Examples of how thousands of rural Oregonians are boldly organizing and building communities for human dignity, democracy, and justice are in our 2023 Annual Report – click here to read more!

Heading into 2024, it’s more important than ever that we are equipped to defend democracy, advance human dignity for all, uphold migrant justice, bolster queer rural youth leadership, and make sure that rural voices are heard and that members of our community have access to the information and resources they need to thrive.

Please make a meaningful donation to build ROP’s collective power to advance justice across rural Oregon

Your support will fundamentally change who holds power in rural communities. Together we will replace isolation with the collective action of organizers and human dignity groups on the ground. 

It is easy to feel alone in rural communities. Remembering that we are part of a living and loving movement for human dignity helps us grow stronger each day in the face of adversity. We are inexpressibly grateful to be doing this work alongside you.

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