The 99% Occupy Oregon!

Despite brutal police crackdowns on Occupy camps across the country (including Portland) and the cold rain and snow, the Occupy Movement is still going strong in Oregon!

  • Occupy Mosier’s one-week encampment earned them a front-page story on the Oregonian in addition to a slew of national media attention for being the smallest town in the country to hold a camp.
  • Occupy Corvallis and Occupy Oregon State University jointly held a Funeral for the American Dream where 70 people marched downtown and through Wells Fargo carrying the caskets of the Living Wage, Democracy, and the American Dream.
  • Occupy Roseburg has been demonstrating their rural Douglas County values by actively reaching out to the homeless in their community and focusing the Occupy conversation on the most vulnerable in our communities.
  • Occupy Klamath cleaned up downtown in during their march down Main Street, picking up garbage and sweeping along the way.  They marked over 35 closed businesses with black balloons. With flyers featuring the vibrancy and economic sustainability Klamath Falls once knew, Occupy Klamath Falls is developing innovative strategies to engage their community in a conversation of what they want their town to look like.

Here is the latest update of what small-town and rural Occupations are doing in Oregon:

Occupy Klamath
November 17, Occupy Klamath Falls held a teach-in, a march on downtown of over 100 people, and a general assembly to discuss next steps. During their march they swept and cleaned up downtown! They posted this flyer on closed businesses to highlight the economic downturn in their town and educate on the occupy movement.  Tellers at US Bank even came outside during their lunch breaks and took pictures with protestors (reminding us who potential allies really can be)!

Occupy the Gorge
After Occupy Mosier’s week-long encampment that included music, food, teach-ins, Move Your Money actions, and protests against a WalMart expansion in Hood River, Occupy the Gorge is gearing up to move their camp to Hood River!

Occupy Newport
Occupy Newport is hard at work with their community outreach! They will be volunteering at the American Legion’s Thanksgiving Dinner to engage new community members. On November 17, Occupy Newport held a demonstration in Depoe Bay. They were joined by folks who saw it advertised on MoveOn and many who were driving by pulled over and joined them! Residents of Newport gather every Saturday to protest at the local Bank of America from 11:00AM-1:00PM. Their General Assembly is held every Wednesday evening at 6:00PM in Don Davis Park.

Occupy Roseburg
On November 17, Occupy Roseburg assembled to show solidarity for the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Roseburg hosts an encampment on BLM land every weekend. Occupy Roseburg and their Feed the ‘Burg Community Potluck coming up this Saturday at Eagles Park starting at noon! Their first Feed the ‘Burg potluck was held last week!

Occupy Prineville
Occupy Prinevilled held a Move Your Money action downtown and distributed this brochure about local banking institutions. They have several next steps already planned and are using their monthly Potluck Politics as a “neighborhood assembly” for Occupy organizing.  From Human Dignity Advocates leadership: While Liberty Square is the home and heart, I believe it will be in “neighborhood assemblies” throughout the country that the progressive movement will find its legs.  True democracy can be resuscitated in earnest gatherings where neighbors meet neighbors to strategize and manifest the power of the people. 

Occupy Halfway
With less than 400 residents, Halfway, OR is giving Mosier a run for its money! “Our first event a few weeks ago was a well-attended silent vigil solemnly taking stock and contemplating the Death of the American Dream. Our second event on 11.11.11 was a talk-and-walk around town, welcome to all. At the end of the walk we put down our signs and joined the local VFW chapter to commemorate and honor our service men and women.”

Occupy Corvallis
In addition to their November 17th Funeral for the American Dream, Occupy Corvallis has protested Bank of America several times. Occupy Corvallis holds General Assemblies every Monday and pick up litter everyday at 10AM while passing out flyers to local residents talking about Occupy Corvallis.

Occupy Oregon State University (Corvallis)
Occupy OSU kicked off with a teach-in held by the Peace Studies Department and a walkout on Halloween that ended with a people’s assembly in the quad. Occupy OSU jointly organized the Funeral for the American Dream with Occupy Corvallis.They hold a weekly General Assembly on Wednesday nights.

Occupy Astoria
On November 17, Occupy Astoria rallied against the Supercommittee’s potential budget cuts outside of the Astoria Post Office and Department of Human Services building. Last week Occupy Astoria has recently held a protest rally outside their local branch of Wells Fargo and stood in solidarity with their peace group.

Occupy Seaside
On November 17, Occupy Seaside convened at the Seaside City Council meeting to bring a voice to the issues they care about. Several people occupied Seaside’s City Hall in protest of Astoria’s Illegal Lodging Ordinance and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Coos Bay
On November 17, Occupy Coos Bay occupied the Coos Bay Boardwalk to sand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement. These steadfast protesters have been holding rallies to bring attention to the issues they care about for over a month, including a teach-in at the beginning of November.

Occupy SIlverton
Occupy Silverton held a great event attended by over 80 on November 5 that included music, speakers, and a march! Check out the pictures! Occupy Silverton holds weekly vigils and will participate in Silverton’s Peace Parade this year, in addition to their has teach-in plans for January.

Occupy Albany
Occupy Albany holds weekly vigils in front of the Courthouse. Their first vigil had over 70 people–more people than Albany has seen in the streets since the 80s!

Occupy Port Orford
Occupy Port Orford held two rallies outside the Driftwood Elementary School Playground on October 15th and 22nd. We’re looking forward to seeing more from them in the future!

Occupy Bend
After a multi-week camp and many demonstrations and actions, residents of Bend continue planning occupy activities at their General Assemblies Wednesday nights.

Occupy Grants Pass
Occupy Grants Pass holds weekly vigils on Tuesdays which are regularly attended by 20-40 people! Occupy Grants Pass and Veterans for Peace have jointly organized film showings.

Occupy Ashland
From their encampment to Move Your Money work, Occupy Ashland has been busy! With a plethora of events focused on educating Ashland, Occupy Ashland spent November 17 demonstrating and sharing their stories with an open mic. For Occupy Ashland events, calls to action, and information, check out!

Occupy Medford
People in Medford will be standing together to protest foreclosure auctions (many of which are illegal) at the Medford courthouse steps every Tuesday morning.  You can also catch fellow Occupiers at Alba Park for protest, discussion, and Medford’s General Assembly every Saturday!

Is your community engaged in the Occupy Movement? Tell ROP!