Thanks for Being Our Valentine!

The love you poured into Valentines to Rural Organizers is leaving us in puddles of gratitude! We are so excited to share this collection of creativity and care from across our network with each and every one of you. The Valentines below are just a small snapshot of all the gratitude we hold for all the heart and soul that each and every group across the network pours into your work all year round.

Thanks for being our valentine!

Note: The text contained within all of the following images has been included in the image captions just below each image.

Valentine's card with text in caption
En este dia del amor y la amistad, gracias por llenar mis dias de alegria. En este mes te deseo mucha felizada. (On this day of love and friendship, thank you for filling my days with happiness. I wish you lots of joy this month.)
A collage of photos with heart shapes and text in caption
To ROP Rural Organizers with gratitude for opening doors and leading the way to Justice, Joy, Solidarity, Sweetness and LOVE, carol
A person holding a baby, with text in caption
To the human dignity leaders of Rural Oregon: You are fierce, strong, and bold. You inspire us everyday. We love you. Love, Cara & Remy
Valentine's card with text in caption
“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” – Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Valentine's card with text in caption
“I’m constantly looking forward to hearing about your community conversations and organizing, and thank you for your openness to learning and growing alongside the ROP network with me! I’m inspired by your stories, and they remind me that I’m far from being alone on this journey to organize in rural Oregon! -Jordan, Douglas County
Origami cranes arranged in a heart shape with the letters ROP in the center and text "Karen - Benton County"
Origami cranes from Karen in Benton County
A watercolor painting and collage from Jonathan in Marion County
A watercolor painting and collage from Jonathan in Marion County

Little Rehearsals Newborn’s single goal is to survive.All the rest comes later. On TV I saw a father spray his toddler with whipped cream.  The scream of terror, shaking, shook me.Others may have laughed. We learn from what befalls. I aged beyond my longest guess, survived.  I thrivedbecause I practiced wonder and I lived. So when I sicken, vomit, cough, I, for a moment, scream,terrified my life-long task is thwarted by some tiny virus. I stop and then inquire, if it’s the end, what do I have to finish? Tell children, friends how much they matter, send them love.   Are my Last Wishes up to date? I touch but leave the contemplation of bequests.It doesn’t matter now. What remains is wonder. Curious to the end, I wonderand, calm, I go to bed. And when I waken feeling well, I laugh.  I’m back to my first goal.I thank whatever teachers taught me, made me practice,gave stage directions well. Marybeth Webster, age 91, Josephine County

Valentine's card with text in caption
Dear ROP, you guys are doing amazing work helping the community stay informed! Your kindness and openness makes it so fun to work with you all! I am looking foward to future things with y’all! Big smooches all around! Sophia, Lincoln County
a heart-shaped wreath from Kim in Jefferson County
from Kim in Jefferson County
a dried rose and two valentine's cards from Keyen in Umatilla County with text in caption
ROP! You brought the best in me! I hope you know that you make me happy!!! I wish happiness and safeness to all of ROP and to stay strong together! Have a great Valentine’s day!! Treat yourself!!! from Keyen in Umatilla County
Valentine's card with text in caption
Your work deeply inspires me. Recently I was in Halfway and I saw a Black Lives Matter sign in a window and billboards in La Grande and Pendleton. Though I don’t know whether ROP is directly responsible, it’s signs (both literal and figurative) like these that make me feel safer in rural communities. Thank you for your work and ethic of togetherness… Choya
Valentine's card with text in caption
You are loved. Your worth is not measured by capitalistic standards of education or productivity. Just keep being you. <3
Valentine's card with text in caption
Dear Rural Organizers of Oregon – I’ve loved getting connected with your stories and causes during this past year. Even though I’ve lived in cities for the past 13 years, I have rural roots and reading about all the revolutionary work being done in small pockets all around this state have inspired me to reflect on this identity and all the possibilities it contains. Your stories, struggles and successes are setting off ripple effects here in Portland, and no doubt elsewhere. THANK YOU! – Karina in Multnomah County
a card with a picture of a great blue heron and text "Roses are red, I'm a great blue, thanks for all the good work you do!"
Roses are red, I’m a Great Blue [heron], thanks for all the good work you do!
handwritten card with text (in caption)
Dear ROP Organizers, You all are inspiring. So much so, that I am not sure that “organizer” is the right term. I mean Marie Kondo is cool and all, but I think “catalyzers” or “mobilizers” might be the better fit. Thank you for centering human dignity under a wide umbrella of rural interests. Happy Valentines! Anya.
A drawing of two horses from Kathy in Wallowa County, with the letters ROP, where the "O" is a heart shape
A drawing of two horses from Kathy in Wallowa County