Tax Fairness Pledge


Preserve Our Schools!   Protect Oregon’s Future!   Pass Tax Fairness!
It’s time for a change.  Oregon’s corporate minimum income tax hasn’t been changed since 1931.  For years, two-thirds of the corporations doing business in Oregon have paid only $10 in the corporate minimum income tax.
We have a chance to make Oregon’s tax system fairer and protect vital services.  By upholding the tax fairness measures that raise the corporate minimum and increase the tax rates on household income above $250,000, we can preserve essential services and protect middle class families from carrying an even larger share of the tax burden.
Now we need your help.  Some large corporations and out-of-state special interests are already trying to repeal this tax-fairness package, passed by the Oregon legislature this past session.  If these measures are overturned, it will result in $1 billion in cuts to education, healthcare, and public safety, all in the last year of the current budget.
I Pledge to VOTE YES! on the January 2010 tax fairness ballot measures because:
  • Oregon needs a tax system that is fairer for working people and middle-class families.
  • Oregon can no longer afford for two-thirds of corporations doing business in Oregon to pay just $10 a year in income taxes.
  • I believe in protecting funding for schools, healthcare and public safety.