Talking Race at the ROP Caucus

As you may already know, our 20th Annual Caucus and Strategy Session is around the corner! It will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at the CAPACES Leadership Institute in Woodburn. This caucus will be drenched with race talk and we need you to be in that space!

This is part of our intentionality to keep pursuing racial justice throughout rural and small town Oregon. Having these conversations can be a bit difficult for those who are new to it and that’s where your awesomeness comes in!

We need you in various spaces to help new people navigate through this space.  If you are a person of color, we welcome you with open arms, ears, and hearts, and if you are a white ally, we need your support more than ever in this phase of our work!

The strategy sessions are:

  • Race in the Next 20 Years: immigration reform today, Welcoming Communities throughout, and a shift to a new majority profile
  • Economic Refugees: debt, corporate dominance, and the ongoing recession are forcing people out of their homes, schools, and communities. What are the innovative strategies we need to keep our communities afloat?
  • Aspirational Vision of the Small Town Commons in 2033: from post offices to public infrastructure: what does small town Oregon need to be strong, healthy, and vibrant? How do we begin to make the communities we want to live in?
  • Extraction Economy, Multinational Corporations, and Climate Change: what are the entry points for environmental justice work and connecting that dots in small town communities?

Also, the next day, on Sunday morning from 9am-12pm we’ll have a dismantling racism workshop called:  “Breaking It Down! Understanding Racism & Oppression” workshop. We have a very limited number of slots left!  So please register for the caucus and sign up for the workshop. We’ll be very intentional about the type of space that needs to be created so everybody can feel safe. We’ll let you know that we have a place confirmed for you at the Breaking It Down workshop in the next few days.