Support the Columbia Gorge Resolution Center! 

As a result of decades of underinvestment from the state and our local governments, Oregon is currently ranked 50th in the country for providing mental and behavioral health services. We know that a reasonable standard of living is a core component of a strong democracy and that housing and mental health resources are vital for everyone in our community to survive and thrive. 

Human dignity groups across the state have been advocating for resources to support our most vulnerable neighbors, friends, and family members who are in crisis.  Read on to learn about one such effort in the Gorge to build the Columbia Gorge Resolution Center and sign a support letter.

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Columbia Gorge Resolution Center: Sign on to Support this multi-year organizing effort

In October 2019, a group of human dignity leaders and community partners from Wasco, Hood River, and Sherman Counties came together and formed the Columbia Gorge Resolution Center (CGRC) Advisory Council. 

The council’s objective was to build a regional facility that offers support for people who are struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges and drug and alcohol addiction. Community members wanted to help their family members, neighbors, and co-workers who were struggling to receive the support they need to improve their health and be contributing members of our families and community.

After years of planning and deep conversations about how to address the needs of the community, the CGRC Advisory Council is preparing to submit a bi-partisan funding request to the state legislature from Wasco County and Mid-Columbia Center for Living to build and operate the CGRC. 

They are seeking support from community members to demonstrate the local need for this project and these resources. Sign on to the letter of support for Columbia Gorge Resolution Center here!

Is your human dignity group organizing to ensure a reasonable standard of living for everyone in your community? Have you been having conversations but running into obstacles or are you unsure where to start? Come strategize with a few of the organizers who have been working on the CGRC and other human dignity leaders from across the state at this year’s Rural Caucus and Strategy Session on Saturday, April 6 in Woodburn! Register here today for the Caucus! 

The CGRC has been years in the making and is part of wider efforts to bring needed resources to the community and address the root causes of houselessness and lack of support for those struggling with mental health issues. Stay tuned for a ROPnet with the full story of the long-haul organizing and relationship building that got human dignity leaders in the Gorge to this point!

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