Sep 2010 KTA: STAND Guides are Coming!

Why this Activity?

The 2010 election in Oregon is going to be all about turnout. The ballot measures are fewer and predominantly less contentious this year. This means that our eyes and interests this election cycle fall primarily on the candidates running for office. And the outcomes of these races will be determined by just how many progressively minded folks we can get out to vote this election cycle.

Here at ROP, we know our members are great voters. The majority of the households on our database are 4 out of 4 voters – meaning they have voted in the last 4 elections. While we will remind our members to vote, they don’t need heavy persuasion or many reminders to fill out their ballots and turn them in. Our charge this election year is to find other progressive voters in our communities and encourage them to vote.

What is the Activity?

Let’s make the weekend of October 16th & 17th the time that rural activists reach out beyond our groups. Ballots will have just begun to drop so this is the ideal weekend to communicate with voters. Chose whatever method works best for your group, but chose something that increases voter turnout this year. Many races will depend on it. And if you haven’t yet done so, get your last minute orders for STAND guides into ROP. Today is officially the last day to order (though we might extend the deadline a day or two…)! If you haven’t already, you can order your guides on the ROP website here.

In addition, we encourage local groups to prepare their own county-specific guide, to be inserted in the ROP voter’s guide, that looks at economic facts and solutions for your community. ROP can provide a template and help you put together your local guide. Let’s give small town Oregonians the tools needed to make informed decisions so that their voices are heard and let’s make sure they know about our local human dignity groups.

Steps to Complete This Activity:

1. Gather your group together to decide the best way to distribute the STAND Voter Guide in your community and to reach out to likely progressive voters. Some tried and true ideas are:
* A voters guide part to personalize your voter guides with a hand-written note from your group and get them out to your neighbors.
* A ballot party in a public place to discuss the issues and fill out your ballots together.
* A phonecalling or mailing party to get the message out to likely voters in your community.

2. Be sure to contact ROP if you’d like access to a list of likely progressive voters in your area! We’d be happy to pull one for you.

3. Decide if your group would like to create and print a local insert for the voter guide. Contact ROP for a template and support putting it together. It’s easy, and an effective way to include information about your local group!

4. Set a date and location for your ballot party, doorknocking or mailing party. Make a list of potential volunteers. Divide up the list. Make calls for turnout. Send a follow up email reminder to people who you hope will attend.

5. Get snacks, get together, and have fun! Now is the time to demonstrate what it means to be apart of a democracy. And let us here at ROP know your plans, and how we can help!  Contact with questions or ideas!