St. Helens resident launches petition drive on illegal immigration

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is from Wayne Mayo of St. Helens:

After making a presentation before the Columbia County Board of Commissioners and again that evening of the 18th in front of the St. Helens City council explaining the idea of proclaiming a “Illegal Worker Free County/City” of our community, I believe a more direct approach is warranted.

I have decided to form a political action committee to do a petition drive and get suggested statutes and laws on the books here in the county and the city of St Helens. I am asking for help from my fellow citizens alarmed with the lawlessness of our current predicament.

Among the considerations that I will ask on the ballot measures.

1. Should the City of St. Helens/ Columbia County add a punitive charge of $15k to the cost of every permit to build homes that were constructed with illegal workers?

2. Should the City of St. Helens require 4’X 8’ signs explaining the concept of a “illegal worker free community” at the entrance to every new subdivision and minor partition? Should that sign have the phone numbers of the building department and the sheriff’s department listen on the sign?

3. Should the punitive fees collected from the enforcement of this legal initiative be equally allocated between the building departments of the city/ county and the police/sheriff’s department of the same?

4. Should the appeal process of the additional punitive building fees be done through a new citizen’s committee of 6 dedicated solely for that purpose?

5. Should business’s requiring licenses one year to the next face punitive surcharges of $500/ month for hiring illegals on their staff?

6. Should landlords face similar revocation of their rental licenses and punitive fees of $200/month should they not provide due diligence in their rental practices to insure renting to “legals” only?

Their may be other considerations in the pursuit of this legal relief, but this is the beginning point. I am considering a Statewide petition drive as well.
I can be reached at 503-396-1114.

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