Dec 2009 KTA: Spirit of Justice


December Kitchen Table Activity

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY: This month’s KTA offers three approaches to working for Tax Fairness in your community & keeping our state healthy. They are fun, festive and effective. Choose your style! (And if you haven’t seen your county’s STAND Voter Guide yet, email to get a copy ready for printing).

In the New Year, let’s put corporations in their place, let’s fund the services we care about & let’s stand up together as working people. Tax Fairness is the right decision for Oregon and Human Dignity Leaders must take a lead in spreading the word!

WHY THIS ACTIVITY: One thing we’re learning quickly as we pursue tax fairness is that it’s hard! There is a well-funded opposition & even our own group members are occasionally still stuck in a mindset that fears taxing the corporations and the rich at a fair rate. As a result, even those friends standing next to us for peace and those sitting beside us at community meetings to protect the watershed might not know why they have to vote YES in January.

These measures are not going to affect up to 96% of the state. That’s how big we are, working people make up 96% of the state. Yet this election is not a given. And not all folks in our towns are automatically going to vote in their own best interest – unless we educate them about why they should.

Tax Fairness will contribute to a strong Oregon and it’s our job to spread the word – especially to our friends and allies!


Here are 3 ways, each with their own simple step by step, to move toward justice with your community in tow this month and plan for 2010.

1. Get your group together and pick your project:

2. Click on a link above to download a one-page How-To or find the How-To at

3. Print out the How-To, fill out the plan or follow the steps with your group.

4. Let ROP know which activity you all are doing – the more connected we are the more powerful we become!