Defending Democracy At Every Turn

With the election just around the corner, rural Oregonians are taking action and crafting plans to keep temperatures low(er) in their communities, to keep each other as safe as possible, and to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote can do so safely in the weeks to come. ROP invites you and your group to strategize with us as we make plans and swap strategies for defending democracy across the state!

Join us on Thursday, October 15th from 6:30 – 8 PM PST for Defending Democracy: Interrupting Voter Intimidation and Misinformation.

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As rumors fly about who can and can’t vote by mail, and threats to a safe and fair election escalate, rural Oregonians are taking action to defend democracy, build community, and ensure that everyone who can vote does indeed vote! Join us to strategize about:

  • How we can best counter disinformation with accurate details on who can vote and how.
  • What we can do to make sure ballot drop boxes and post offices remain accessible and safe for our neighbors to vote.
  • How we can effectively de-escalate and respond to threats and intimidation.

Across the state, we’re making voting easy by preparing to pick up our friend’s ballots on our way into town, working with our neighbors to set up collection sites across our communities, and reminding our family members to drop their ballot in the mail before October 28th so that it arrives by election day. No stamp needed! We also know that online threats and hateful rhetoric can quickly turn into physical attacks if we ignore them. This month we are launching an election protection hotline by and for rural Oregonians. In our state, we are lucky to be well-practiced at voting by mail and don’t have to worry about waiting in line for hours to cast a ballot or facing intimidation at polling locations. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared to counter potential voter intimidation and misinformation at ballot drop sites!

We need all hands on deck, looking out for one another, and collaborating across communities. If we do see militias attempting to intimidate their neighbors, we will do what we do best: organize! If you’re witnessing election misinformation or ballot box intimidation, give us a call at (541) 714-3257‬. Have you already been de-escalating intimidation tactics or countering misinformation? Share what’s working, what you’ve learned, or get support by emailing!

Creating a healthy and thriving rural Oregon is going to take all of us! Ready to dig in?

  • Join rural organizers from across the state on Thursday’s strategy session by phone or computer! Defending Democracy: Interrupting Voter Intimidation and Misinformation from 6:30 – 8 PM PST, October 15th. Register here!
  • Are you witnessing election disinformation spreading in your community? Is your group working to counter disinformation or voter intimidation? Let us know at (541) 714-3257 or email us at and join in to help rural Oregonians respond faster and more effectively! 
  • Is your group making a plan of how you will make voting as easy as possible for members of your community? Want to distribute rurally-focused election information? Check out for more election resources created by and for rural Oregonians! Want support in making an organizing plan? Reach out to us at and check out the Hold the Line Guide to Defending Democracy
  • Are you building a group to take action in your community? Now is an important moment to bring folks into the movement for human dignity! Collect contact information, make an action plan, and let’s advance democracy together. ROP would love to support your work and connect with others in your community! Email or your local ROP organizer today!

Together, we can defend our democracy and not only keep each other safe but also build a rural Oregon where everyone can truly thrive.