Send us your Human Rights Award Nominees

On December 10thHuman Rights day, human dignity groups will publicly honor that person who is constantly working in our towns to maintain dignity, equality and justice.  The Human Rights Award is an annual tradition for many groups, and a way to celebrate the unsung heroes that keep us on this winding road towards justice.  We hope you’ll join us and issue your own award in your community!

This year is about to end, but our sustained struggle for human dignity and equality continues to be at the forefront of our work and vision. Throughout the year we’ve seen how foreclosures keep hitting every single corner of our communities.  Our country’s budget seems to keep going the same way as in the past, benefiting the war oversees and at home, and it keeps making the CEO’s pockets even heavier with money that is supposed to go to the most vulnerable members of our communities to improve everyone’s’ quality of life.

But this year, our continued fight has come with precious moments and wins. The recently sparked Occupy movement throughout rural Oregon shows us that our work is paying off as we see thousands of new people joining the fight for justice. There is always someone in our community that inspires us, empowers us to do something about injustices and to keep our heads up when it seems that the obstacles are great and the road is long.

To participate in this project, download ROP’s copy of the Human Rights Award certificate here, then make a plan to give it to your recipient at a group meeting, or just by setting an informal appointment. Make sure to contact your local papers with a press release and photo of your group turning in the award. If you would like more ideas on how to do this, please send an email to: and we’ll be more than happy to help you make it fun and relevant.

Be sure to send your story and pictures our way! Stories and celebrations like this always give everyone who is part of the movement the energy to continue on the path of Human Dignity and Equality.

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