Rural Oregonians Reject Oregonians for Immigration Reform and Ballot Measure 105

The Rural Organizing Project works to advance a progressive vision in Oregon’s rural communities. In our rural communities we help and depend on each other, as part of our survival, as part of our values. That’s why we were shocked to see Measure 105 on the ballot. By targeting immigrants it makes a direct attack on these community values and threatens our ability to care for one another.

The group responsible for getting Measure 105 on the ballot, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, does not represent rural Oregon’s values.  It represents nationally recognized anti-immigrant groups who stereotype and demonize immigrants, creating a dehumanization which leads to violence and disruption of their lives. Measure 105 calls on us to reject the values of inclusion and compassion. We reject Measure 105.

In rural Oregon, we believe in fairness, looking out for neighbors, and treating others as one would like to be treated.  Rather than spend taxpayer money on policing and detention, lets apply that funding to schools and libraries and community centers that enable all of our people to live full lives in our communities.  Vote no on Measure 105. Say yes to communities of good will and inclusive values.