Rural Oregonians Foreclose on Walden

On Saturday, May 7th in Bend, Oregon Rural Oregonians decide Representative Walden is in default & Foreclose on Walden!

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Reference is made to the elected Representative of Oregon’s 2nd District in the US House of Representatives, since 1999:


This notice is about Rep. Walden’s failure to execute his duty to look after the financial and social health of his constituents in and the residents of:


Since January 2011, Rep. Greg Walden has been a member of the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives. The US House is charged with producing a budget for the United States of America, and Rep. Walden, as a member of the Republican majority, has particular responsibility to produce a budget that ‘provides for the common welfare’ of the people of the United States. He has failed to execute his duty to look after the financial and social health of all the people of the State of Oregon, and of the United States, having a voting record including the following:

1. Voting to increase the US military budget to over 700 billion dollars, while cutting funds for the Women, Infants, and Children food program.

2. Voting to preserve 40 billion dollars of subsidies and tax loopholes for the oil industry, while cutting emergency home heating assistance for low-income people.

3. Voting to preserve 700 billion dollars of tax cuts to the richest Americans, while voting to end the Medicare program that protects senior citizens from medical bankruptcy.

4. Voting against reforming the unjust immigration laws of the United States, further oppressing America’s undocumented economic refugees, while at the same time voting to defund and neuter the enforcement arm of Security and Exchange commission, which is charged with investigating financial fraud on Wall Street.

5. Voting to water down and subvert all banking reform proposed to avert another economic meltdown, while also voting to defund federal help for people seeking to avoid home foreclosure.  Rep. Walden’s office has stated that “foreclosure is not an issue in the 2nd Congressional District” while thousands of homes are in foreclosure today.

6. Voting to defund public safety programs, emergency food assistance, community health and mental health programs, support for reproductive health, environmental protections, public transportation investments, public education funding, the National Cancer Institute, while fighting to preserve public subsidies for corporate agriculture, coal mining, uranium mining, off shore oil drilling, job exporting and tax avoidance.

7.  Having proven himself to be a hazard to this community.

Notice is hereby given that the people, by reason for said default, have elected and do hereby elect to foreclose on Rep. Walden, and do hereby claim the following to satisfy the unmet obligations of Rep. Walden to the people:


    1. Repossession of the political trust that the people have vested in Rep. Walden.

    2. A deficiency judgment.

    3. Such other equitable relief as the people may deem necessary.

Dated at Bend, Oregon, this 7th of May, 2011


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