Rural Communities Safe from State Violence

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s rural strategy session: Keeping Rural Communities Safe from State Violence! Speakers from across rural Oregon will be joining us to share how they’re building stronger and supportive communities that hold each other through crisis and conflict, and we’ll strategize together about:

  • Creating safe places for people living outside to warm up and camp
  • Rural harm reduction strategies and resources
  • How communities are grappling with state violence in the forms of over-policing and state abandonment
  • How we can work together to change people’s material conditions so we all do better and struggling rural white folks aren’t drawn to insurrectionist movements with all-too-convenient narratives about the root causes of their community’s suffering

We’d love to hear what your group is working on. Can you join us by phone or computer? Register now!

You’re also invited to Better Broadband, Basically

Tuesday, February 23rd, 6:30-8 pm PST

Broadband internet has never been more essential than during the pandemic, and many communities are still struggling to get connected because of ridiculously high prices, the lack of physical infrastructure, or both. What can we do to push local and state governments toward truly accessible broadband internet? What grassroots efforts are already gaining traction in rural Oregon? Register here to join the conversation by phone or computer.