ROP’s Rural Media Center

  *** Announcing Internship available with the Rural Media Center this summer! *** 
Rural Organizing Project’s
Rural Media Center
"A hometown newspaper feels the pulse of the community. A [hometown paper’s] success lies in the community keeping the lines of communication open with the newspaper.” Lake Placid News

Monthly Message Archive

The Rural Media Center is a project of the Rural Organizing Project and is developed by volunteers across the state who are committed to advancing the issues of democracy and justice in rural Oregon & actively building an independent progressive presence in the media.
In 2010 the Rural Media Center will focus on nurturing ‘Welcoming Communities’ and consciousness raising around justice and neighborliness for our immigrant community members. Ultimately, this infiltration of the media with positive message will slowly build a more inclusive community and, in turn, affect the discourse on Immigration Reform.
Get Involved:
Sign up for the Rural Media Center as an individual or elect a lead from your Human Dignity Group. It’s easy and almost anyone can do it! Do you read the paper? Do you want to? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Do you want support in ensuring your local media spreads the message of democracy and dignity? If you answered yes to even ONE of these questions, then you should join the RMC today.  
Members of the RMC will generally commit to do one or more of these things:
  1. Monitor your local newspaper for articles or letters relating to immigration, alerting the RMC when you spot something of interest.
  2. Submit letters to the editor to your local newspaper and/ or help recruit others to submit LTEs.
  3. Keep in contact with the ROP RMC staff, Kari, about other opportunities to share the pro-human dignity messages and stories.
And what can you expect from the ROP central for the RMC?
  • A Monthly “Welcoming Message” with the theme of the month, talking points and a sample letter,
  • Support on getting your letters and opinion-editorials published in the paper,
  • Connections with other RMC leads around the state,
  • Trainings on messaging, writing, and Being the Media,
  • Creative problem solving,
  • Resource materials for you to utilize.
Contact to sign up for the RMC!
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