ROP’s Immigration Fairness Network (IFN)

We support justice for working people and human rights in a global economy. Currently, we see immigrants as the front line of assaults on workers’ rights and civil liberties. In a time of war abroad, the war at home targets our civil liberties, divides communities in the name of “security,” and has given rise to a new wave of anti-immigrant backlash. We are pushing back with our vision of human dignity and liberty for all. We are taking action for economic justice in rural and small town Oregon with a logical focus on immigrant fairness as the predictable first rung. Join ROP’s Immigration Fairness Network to stay connected & receive updates on immigration fairness issues. Sign up by emailing Download these materials to invite people from your community to join IFN. ROP’s IFN Flyer (.pdf) (.doc) IFN Sign up (.pdf) (.doc)

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