ROP’s 2009 Legislative Platform

In the 2009 Legislature, ROP will raise up a legislative platform that says YES to Rebuilding Oregon and NO to the Cost of War at Home and Abroad.

Our economic crisis is rooted in a crisis of democracy and human dignity where the profits of war have been valued over the needs of communities around the globe. The cost of war at home and abroad are the fallout of unsustainable fiscal and moral choices that are threatening to bankrupt our democracy and our country.

Raising up a new deal for Oregon calls on all of us to demand accountability to the needs of working people and to the inherent human dignity of all people with special attention to those who are most vulnerable in these times of increased desperation and scapegoating. We must work to protect gains in equality, such as for the LGBTQ community, while continuing the struggle to expand the umbrella of human dignity to immigrants and other groups.

Now is the time to transform our hope for change into action at local, state, and national levels. We can turn back the tide of the past eight years and beyond and begin a new era of interdependence, respect, innovation, and community building rooted in true peace, justice, and democracy. 

Review ROP’s legislative platform

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