ROP & Techies Unite!

This is about the future, in two parts:

Part 1 – you are invited to join our ROP Tech Team & Part 2 – we want to help all Human Dignity Groups out there join the new media revolution!




Part 1: ROP Technological Advancement

Gosh, social justice work requires a lot of computers and websites!

Are you someone who is interested in learning a new technological skill or are you already a tech genius? We invite both kinds of folks to join our new tech team!

One of ROP’s strengths, and a strength of the movement for justice in rural America, is our ability to use technology to organize across long distance and mobilize to win. We want you to help us do this.

This movement requires dozens of different kinds of volunteers; right now we are looking for tech team volunteers to step forward! Can you be part of the ROP volunteer team that …

  • Posts stories & pictures to our website?
  • Updates critical information in our database so we can contact 10,000 people to act on a moment’s notice?
  • Tweets in the name of rural Oregonians everywhere who can’t tweet for themselves?

Being a member of the tech team involves concrete tasks that you can do from the comfort of your own home! Intrigued? Contact to get set up.

While we are open to training up new volunteers, we have some tech team bottomlines-

  • Have regular access to a computer and Internet.
  • Have a basic level of computer literacy. (Do you have a facebook account? You’re in! Have you created Excel spreadsheets before? You too! Do you struggle with the Right Click on the mouse? Sorry, this might not be the right fit!)
  • Willing to devote 5 hours a month to social change through technological advancement.

 Part 2: ROP – the Next Generation

There is no movement, there is no justice, without conversation and connection. Here are the three ways that ROP wants to help you and your Human Dignity Group be part of the new media revolution.

1. Social networking

You’ve heard about twitter & Facebook. It’s time to jump on board. These sites aren’t just for kids – they are being used to make real change in the world. These tools are called Social Networking and can be used as a clever supplement to our relationships in real life.

Social media and other web-tastic tools are ever-changing and evolving, but what will never change is the importance of communicating with one another. Social networks can help your HDG communicate farther and wider. ROP will walk you through the set up and anything else you might need.

I mean, really – who out there isn’t twittering for healthcare right now!

2. Communicating within the movement – databases and listservs

ROP also wants your HDG to move to a sustainable place of data collection and communication. Sound boring or too complicated?  That’s just because you haven’t used GoogleGroups!  There are great new tools out there for storing the information about your group members (aka, Database) and for effectively communicating with your group (ie, Listserv). Let ROP help you figure them out!

These tools are easy, accurate, & free. And, while this stuff may sound unimportant to our ferocity, having stellar communications and systems that work is key!

3. Websites

Is your HDG ready to have a public face? Imagine if a new friend could search “progressive group Tillamook County” and find – Tillamook County Citizens for Human Dignity! It’s possible. ROP will help make this dream a reality.
So, contact Kari to volunteer to be part of our tech team and to get you and your group set up on a higher-tech movement track. ROP is right here in the middle – giving those with the skills a place to play and helping the less-than-stellar tech folks get into the game.

We’re here for you.



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