ROP is Hiring an Organizer!‏

If you’re a human dignity group leader, rural justice seeker, ally, or ROP supporter, you were probably thrilled to hear the news that the ROP organizing staff is growing!  Rosa Navarro joined our all-star organizing team in early September as our Latin@ Community Organizer, joining Jessica Campbell (brilliant and beloved ROP Organizer), Amanda Aguilar Shank (Associate Director), and Cara Shufelt (fearless Executive Director).

If you’re an organizer looking for a new home, you may have clicked wistfully through the announcement, dreaming about a life on the road in rural Oregon.  Do you wish you could join us, too?  Could your next step be a long-term commitment to organizing for justice in rural Oregon?

We’ve got good news for you!  We’re hiring!

ROP is looking to round out our team with a 5th community organizer. Our strategic planning process of the last year engaged our staff, Board of Directors, Latino Advisory Board, and member groups, and identified that in order to accomplish our big goals, we need to grow.  We’re at an exciting expansion moment and looking for the right person to jump on board.

The ideal candidate brings: prior organizing experience, is skilled at facilitation, problem solving, working independently, and building strong and fast relationships.  We plan to grow our racial justice program, our Welcoming Communities work, our direct support of human dignity groups, and our grassroots fundraising.  Do you have skills or background in any or all of these areas?  Drop us a line!

If this is the right moment for you to make a commitment to ROP, read the job posting below, and please apply.  If not, forward this message far and wide – a future ROP organizer is out there somewhere.

Rural Organizing Project
Community Organizer

Rural Organizing Project (ROP) is a statewide organization of locally-based Human Dignity Groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice, and the right to self-determination.  ROP was founded by and for small town Oregonians in response to Extreme Right organizing and backlash in rural and small town Oregon. Rural Organizing Project is a movement organization – which means that our work is volunteer-led, visionary, and accountable to an active, participatory base.

Rural Organizing Project will be hiring an organizer to build and strengthen the movement for justice in rural and small town Oregon.  Priority is given to applications received by October 15th.

The ideal candidate brings a passion for justice, prior organizing experience, a background in racial justice organizing, is skilled at facilitation, problem solving, working independently, and building strong and fast relationships.

Salary is competitive and based on experience.  Includes generous vacation package and healthcare benefits. People experienced in small town life, people of color, people with disabilities, and sexual minorities are encouraged to apply.  Bilingual applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

See the below job description and qualifications for further details. All applicants are encouraged to review our website at before applying.

To apply please submit the following:

1.      A cover letter explaining your interest in this position and relevant experiences.

2.      Your Resume

3.      Three References, both personal and professional (phone and email requested)

Please send the completed application to

Questions may be directed to Amanda Aguilar Shank, Associate Director at  No phone calls please.


Job Description
Community Organizer

The Community Organizer contributes to the overall success of ROP by building the capacity of current and potential member groups, developing the leadership of ROP members, and delivering ROP programs.

CAPACITY BUILDING: Provide capacity-building support to current and potential member groups.

  • Assess and support development of systems, analysis, organizing skills and strategy among existing member groups
  • Recruit new member groups

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Identify potential leaders and develop their skills and analysis.

  • Coaching, support and skills development of local group organizers and leadership
  • Support in ROP board, leadership teams and internship program recruitment

FIELD PLANNING: Implement ROP Field Plan.

  • Develop and implement relevant aspects of the field plan for strategically building statewide power and moving towards program goals
  • Provide opportunities to take part in ROP programs and action campaigns.

PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION: Implement, evaluate and deliver ROP’s programs in consultation with ROP staff, board and member groups.

  • Provide program content and action opportunities for local group meetings and other ROP gatherings.
  • Develop and update program-related educational and organizing materials.
  • Collaborate with allied organizations to develop shared strategic programs

ORGANIZATION’S SYSTEMS: Support in maintaining ROP organization’s systems to meet organization’s mission.

  • Participate and find creative opportunities for bringing resources into the organization.  Active participation in grassroots fundraising.  Support in identifying and writing grant proposals and reports.
  • Maintain systems for tracking information about member groups and leaders.
  • Maintain resource library and travel materials.
  • Maintain a balanced budget and ensure careful utilization of resources.
  • Contribute to maintenance of ROP office.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Works independently: Demonstrated ability and willingness to set priorities and goals, setworkplans, self manage, and work independently to achieve outcomes and reach shared organizational goals.
  • Solves Problems: Assesses problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.
  • Communicates & Collaborates: Able to communicate, collaborate and support staff and others to strategize, set & reach goals and make group decisions
  • Understanding of Political Climate:  Can analyze & communicate today’s political climate and maintains fluency with progressive values & goals
  • Builds Relationships: Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with others both internally and externally to achieve the goals of the organization.  Skilled at building relationships over distance.
  • Focuses on Member Group Needs: Anticipates, understands, and responds to the needs of member groups to meet their organizing and capacity building goals and potential.
  • Leads: Positively influences others to achieve results that are in the best interest of their group and the organization.
  • Organizing: Skills and experience in group facilitation, strategic planning, action planning, and leadership development.
  • Communication: Strong public speaking skills and strong written and verbal communication skills.  Ability to articulate the vision, program and organizing of the organization to members, allies and the public.  Advocates for the interests of rural Oregonians.
  • Timely: Proven accountability and ability to complete high-quality work on shared timelines and operate in a fast-paced environment.

Experience – highly preferred

  • Minimum 3 years organizing experience
  • Experience organizing in rural environments
  • Experience with racial justice and/or immigrants’ rights organizing