ROP is Getting on the Bus! (to protest deportation!)


ROP is joining a multistate caravan to California this week to protest deportation and demand immigration reform now.


Real people’s lives are being impacted right now by our broken detention and deportation systems. 


    * My friend who is a high school counselor is spending this week in Tacoma in court because one of her students is in the process of deportation to a country he’s never been to and only has distant relatives who live there. 

    * 300 farmworkers lost their jobs in Polk County recently

    * 350 workers were recently detained in Laurel, Mississippi. 

    * And nearly 60% of immigrants detained this past year were handed over by local law enforcement, though most do not have a criminal conviction.


This system is hurting families every day.  And ROP leaders Steve Milligan & Jerry Atkin are hitting the streets this week to speak out (or, getting on the bus that is!).



On Oct. 15, 2009, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano will be delivering a speech on the campus of Santa Clara University in San Jose, California.  Local organizers in California will stage a demonstration, march, rally, and press conference on or near the University campus, calling on the Obama Administration to stop deportation and enforcement practices that tear apart families and to keep its promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform by 2010.  The event will also build momentum for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform movement, rallying support for a progressive CIR bill sponsored by Rep. Luis Guitierrez from Illinois who will be announcing the principals of his bill at a rally in D.C. two days earlier.


NWFCO (Northwest Federation of Community Organizations), in conjunction with ICAN (Idaho Community Action Network), WashingtonCAN!, OneAmerica, and PCUN/CAUSA will be sending two buses of organizers from the Northwestern states of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, joining 100 voices with those of the anticipated 1,000 protesters.  ROP will be represented on this bus by ROP Board Member, Steven Milligan and longtime ally & friend, Jerry Atkin.


Steve & Jerry will have an opportunity to meet, work and rally with other leaders from the Northwest and California who are on the front lines of demanding immigration fairness.  If all our systems work, we hope to be getting updates from the road from Steve & Jerry to keep you posted on the action in San Jose.


Prior to their departure from Salem, there will be a press conference on Wednesday (tomorrow!) at 4:00 p.m. with a dinner to follow at 5:00 p.m.  All immigrant rights supporters and the media are invited to attend.   If your life allows, swing by Salem and wish Steve, Jerry and the other riders off.



Caravan Send-off, Press Conference & Dinner

October 14, 2009 at 4:00pm

CAUSA Headquarters

700 Marion Street NE

Salem, Oregon


And for those of us who can’t jump on the bus, or make it to Salem tomorrow to wish Jerry & Steve a good trip, let’s take action for justice from home by calling Speaker Pelosi with a message of healthcare for all.


While the healthcare debate rages on, let’s make sure Congress knows we want everyone in our communities to be taken care of.  It’s time to end the five year waiting period for Health Care.  Tell Congress: Immigrants should have the same rights and benefits as anyone.


Call Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi now at:  1-866-867-6018


    "Hello, my name is __________________, and I’m calling Speaker Pelosi today to ask her to end the 5 year-bar that keeps immigrants from accessing Medicaid.  Immigrants deserve and have earned the same basic protections we provide to other community members.  We need to help the newest Americans build healthy and productive lives in their communities."


Thanks to our friends at WashingtonCAN! for organizing this call in.


Stay tuned from updates from the road from Jerry & Steve!


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