Reproductive Justice From John Day to Ashland

Following the Supreme Court ruling revoking the constitutional right to abortion, communities across the country are experiencing ongoing attacks on reproductive rights including a proposed federal abortion ban. Two weeks ago the University of Idaho released sweeping new guidance based on state anti-abortion laws, prohibiting professors from sharing emergency contraception or providing abortion counseling. In response to attacks like these ones, many human dignity groups are calling for abortion access and the right to reproductive health care! In Grant County, local leaders took to the streets in July and August and are making plans for October to show up for pro-choice, trans, and gay rights in Oregon and across the country. Check out the pictures below! 

350 miles away, Truth to Power Club in Ashland High School hosted a screening of The Janes over the weekend. And this coming weekend, Benton, Coos, Curry, Deschutes, Hood River, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, and Washington counties are all joining Women’s March’s national call to action for a “Women’s Wave” on October 8th and 9th. Are you taking action as well? Share what you’re working on or check out our reproductive justice resource list for suggestions and let us know your plans by emailing!

Are you looking for ways to defend reproductive rights? Are you taking direct action, supporting abortion patients and providers, or engaging your local community in conversation? We have been compiling a reproductive justice resource list here, and want to highlight some new additions!  

  1. Organize a peaceful protest, and pull from Grant County organizers’ strong messaging to do so: Local leaders in Grant County created a fantastic announcement for their July rally that set a tone for the event, emphasized their safety plan, and provided examples of signs with positive messaging about reproductive justice. Planning a rally or curious what went into planning this one? Check out their announcement here!
  2. Host a screening and discussion of The Janes: This documentary came out earlier this year and tells the story of the Jane Collective, an underground network based in Chicago that facilitated illegal abortions between 1969 and 1973. Members of the Jane Collective interviewed in the film discuss how they started organizing, what they learned from the civil rights and anti-war movements, and how the collective created a shared sense of agency and empowerment. Truth to Power Club hosted the film on October 1st and invited local reproductive justice organizations, gender and sexuality equity groups, and abortion access groups to join them for a panel discussion afterward. They also raised money at the event for Indigenous Women Rising, an organization that “works to provide equitable and safe reproductive healthcare to Indigenous people across the U.S.” How could a film screening build power for your local organizing? 
  3. Host a podcast (or book or zine) club: Make plans with your group to each listen to Legalizing Abortion – Argentina (Words To Win By) and then get together in someone’s home or a local cafe, library, or park to talk about what came up for you and what you want to do as a group to fight for reproductive justice! You can also choose a different resource that speaks to you from the reproductive justice resource list or beyond! 

Winning reproductive justice is going to take all of us! Is your group working on building your ranks of active group members? Whether you’re hosting a rally, movie screening, or book club, be sure to share out the opportunity with folks who have expressed interest in joining your organizing team; make it available to the public; or send direct invites to everyone in your database! Want support in crafting a rock-solid outreach plan? Reach out to your local ROP organizer, or email Sidra at and we can chat through a plan!

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