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August 17th, 2018
Dear ROPnet,

As we head into election season, human dignity groups are already having powerful conversations about what it looks like to integrate an election action strategy into our ongoing organizing. We will not stop resisting the policies and practices that tear apart our communities, from the detention and deportation of our family members and neighbors to the defunding of vital services we need to survive. We’ve also been building groups and community that care for one another, look out for our neighbors and who will fight together for dignity and justice for all. This Fall, we can incorporate election action as a critical component of our organizing strategy to build support in our communities and to demand action at the local, state and national level.


This is a time when our neighbors expect people to show up on their doorsteps and talk with them (not at them!) about the issues and candidates on the ballot. Groups around the state have already begun knocking on doors to encourage all of our neighbors to take action this election season. Every election season, ROPers distribute thousands of STAND Election Action Guides as a conversation starter and no nonsense breakdown of what to expect on the ballot and how taking action on November 6th is an important step among many to ensure dignity for all, and democracy in this country.

One of the most pressing issues up for debate this November is Measure 105. Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as an anti-immigrant hate group, brought this measure to the ballot with the support of national anti-immigrant groups including FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). OFIR’s secretary is also a member of the Patriot Action Network, and its former Vice President has worked with Oregon Minutemen. Additionally, OFIR’s cofounder is the primary funder for ALIPAC–an organization based in North Carolina whose founder says that violence might be necessary to “save white America.” With many more nefarious ties to white nationalist and far right organizations, OFIR and its campaign to pass Measure 105 presents a serious threat to Oregon’s 30 year old Sanctuary Law–which tries to protect immigrants’ equal protection under the law by refusing to deputize local law enforcement to spend our tax dollars on federal immigration enforcement.

This year’s STAND Election Action Guide will be a tool to talk about our shared values. What do we really care about as a community? What do we most want to see for our futures? It will be an opening for our neighbors to get past the campaign rhetoric and hate talk that is coming out of national politics.

The 2018 STAND Election Action Guide features:

  • Connections between the major ballot measures and how they relate to our vision for Oregon as a sanctuary where all people have access to housing, healthcare and education, including the assurance that immigrant families will not be taken from their families and communities when trying to go to work, school, or the grocery store.
  • Basic info on voting for every position on the ballot–not just for US Senators–and how to assess who will fight for democracy, real safety and equality, necessary services for our communities and a reasonable standard of living.
  • A break down of each ballot measure in concise language that gets straight to the point — no jargon allowed!
  • Talking about tough issues neighbor-to-neighbor: using a values-based frame to discuss the anti-immigrant Ballot Measure 105, which would repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary Law, and how to use our voice, values and vote on other important issues coming up this election cycle.

ROP groups have a long history of engaging our communities at pivotal moments in critical thinking and democratic dialogue. We invite you, ROP friends and supporters, human dignity leaders and small town activists, to join many across Oregon who are opening their doors, stepping out and starting conversations this election season. This can happen with your book group or co-workers, at a potluck, or while going door-to-door in your neighborhood. Dropping off stand guides can be an important tool to start conversations with our neighbors, to hear about what most matters to them, and to invite them to get involved in a group that is working for democracy and fairness (our human dignity groups)!


1. Decide how many STAND Election Action Guides you’d like to order in English and in Spanish.

2. Decide how you will deliver STAND Election Action Guides to your community:

  • Will you go door-to-door to knock-and-drop when ballots arrive in mid-October?
  • Will you mail Election Action Guides to your contact list or a group of voters in your community?
  • What about pulling a list of voters from the Voter Activation Network (with ROP’s help) to map the neighborhoods and identify who you most want to engage in conversation?
  • Will you hand out Election Action Guides at ballot forums, candidate forums, town halls, or other public gatherings? We encourage you to have a plan for personalized delivery!

3. Order them online or by using the form below by August 22nd! (Orders placed by August 22 are guaranteed to be fulfilled). Place your order online or use the form below. Feel free to email ROP at or call us at (503)-543-8417. We would love to help you figure out your delivery plan!

We can’t wait to work together to mobilize our communities for election action!
Cara, Emma, Hannah and the ROP team


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ROP covers the costs of the design and content for member groups. We ask that each group cover printing and postage. (Additional donations always welcome.) Printing and shipping costs for member groups are estimated at: $49/1000; $27/500; $15/250; and $10/100. Non-member groups: $65/1000; $35/500; $22/250; and $15/100.
Postage will vary based on location and weight.

Complete this form by August 22th and email to or mail to PO Box 664 Cottage Grove, OR 97424.