Relief & Reflection

November 8th, 2012

Dear ROPnetters,

This week we get to celebrate, and if you are like me, feel a sense of relief.  Tuesday night we saw some real victories – our country reelected a black president amidst so much backlash, several states passed gay marriage, those who challenge the “legitimacy” of rape were rejected by the people, and even when history tells us that a president is not usually reelected with such high unemployment rates, the majority of voters still rejected a candidate of the elite.  These election results are a victory.

This election is also a call – a call to address the crises that made the past few months so volatile.  Millions kicked off the voter rolls, lines of 7 hours to cast a ballot, billions spent by the wealthy on campaign ads.  A democracy still under siege, especially for communities of color.

As more analysis comes our way, I wonder how much of this election will be about race.  Initial conversation on almost every major (and minor) media outlet is that a party who appeals mostly to white voters must adapt if they expect to hold any power in this nation in the future.

There will be a lot more to unpack about this election.  But this week, let’s celebrate. Let’s enjoy the sense of relief that comes with these victories. And let’s appreciate all we have accomplished together this election cycle.

Thank you and congratulations to all the rural and small town Oregonians who helped make this moment happen – those who distributed over 45,000 STAND Voter Guides in English and Spanish in every county in Oregon, to those that made courtesy calls to the Rising American Electorate in their counties, to those who knocked on doors and had conversations with neighbors.  It is the work of every day people in our communities that creates the election results we need and, ultimately, the movement we need for true democracy and justice.