Oct 2010 KTA: Personalizing this Electoral Moment

Voter Courtesy Call Script: Word, PDF
Sample Group Flyer Insert for Voter Guide:
                Page 1 (HDG description): Word PDF
                Page 2 (County Cost of War Stats): WordPDF
Sample Email Script: Word, PDF
ROP groups and members have a long history of personalizing voter engagement- making it not a machined exercise in voter turnout, but a neighbor-to-neighbor conversation on our role in democracy and support on filling out the ballot.  Our voter work has never been about slick mailers or robo-calls.  We engage in election cycles because it gives us a chance to communicate with our neighbors or talk withthem about community values (not at them).This month’s Kitchen Table Activism is to personalize your voter engagement this election season.  If you don’t have a plan for voter engagement yet, we can help put one together.  If you would like a local voter mailing list or friendly voter call list, contact ROP today and we can provide one for you.  Make 30 calls yourself in about an hour, or organize a small group and make a evening of it.

Decide what method works for you and your group, and personalize the below tools.

Opportunities Include:

1. Courtesy Call phone script
We have used this script in the past to great success, it’s friendly and easy, increases likelihood that someone will vote and builds a for your group that you care.  Script includes a “heads-up” that a STAND Voter Guide is arriving, and asks if they have any questions on the ballot.  (Can be modified to point people to STAND Voters Guide online).

2. Sample Local Group Flyer
To insert in your STAND Voter Guides when distributing.  Includes a sample flyer from the Human Dignity Advocates.  Page 1 is about the group and covers basic values, projects, group contact information. Page 2 includes a message to voters and local county stats.  (Email cara(at)rop.org for your county’s stats).

3. Sample Email
Pull open that email address book and zip out a quick email that shares why you feel like voting is so important this election cycle and links folks to resources from the STAND Voter Guide, including a concise analysis of the ballot measures.

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