Personal ad for a Graphic Designer

Seeking – the Graphic designer of our dreams! Offering – a love that will last a life time.

ROP needs a kick ass graphic artist that will donate services (or provide them at a very affordable rate) to creating a piece of literature that holds high the values of human dignity and just democracy that will been seen by over 30,000 people this election cycle!

You are: incredibly talented but humble, have a desire to communicate to the masses through graphics, have mastered a bold but simple design style, can work well with timeline driven staff of a nonprofit. And you are eager to make sure that ROP and its fantastic community of human dignity groups have the best Get Out the Vote product imaginable. You see graphic work as part of your contribution to the movement for social justice.

We are: needing someone’s skill this month to make sure that our history of providing one of the most used voter education pieces, a simple guide to all Oregon ballot measures and the most pressing issues of the day, gets continued. We are great cheerleaders, will provide stimulating and provocative text and will insure that you product gets talked about as it hand delivered throughout the state this fall.

What else could a talented graphic artist ask for?

Intrigued? Interested? We are hoping to get started right away, so I look forward to hearing from you right now!

Contact Cara at