Organizing even when Corporate Democracy= Corporate Healthcare

‘Health care reform’ moves forward – historic and sobering.  It is decades delayed and ending up better for industry than people.  And yet some progress.

In 2009 we don’t just want health care reform because we are caring progressives.  No, most of us want health care reform just as much because our own small businesses, non-profits, families and communities are stressed under an unfair system for accessing care.  We need this legislation to offer actual relief not higher rates.

We will continue to push for the best we can get right now.  We will continue to demand real reforms.  At the same time it is of equal importance to convince ourselves and others to stay engaged even as it feels we reap so little for so much effort.  This is the nature of organizing against power.

Corporate Democracy = Corporate Health Care.  We organize in a corporate democracy until we control who funds elections. For now we can expect a corporate health care bill even as we worked so long and hard for more.  We need to explain why this happens and how our pro-health care masses can engage for the longer haul.

As we hang in there for the final countdown, let’s protest women’s health becoming a poker chip.  Take action to stop the Stupak ban. Click here to sign a petition.  Send a coat hanger, call, call, call but make clear that this regressive step is not acceptable.

At the same time, let’s push for immigrants to have access to some part of our shared american dream – please take the 30 seconds to click here and then pass it on!

We should be frustrated by the nominal value we have found in regaining ‘control’ of DC.  The truth is, we lost far too much control a long time ago.  Now we are trying to hold things steady while we figure out how to recruit enough foot soldiers to move a real people’s agenda.  This is much harder than a campaign supporting a likable candidate.  Chasing corporations out of politics is critical to making meaningful progress towards justice for all.

As neighbors, co-workers, friends and family try to understand the past year’s maze that resulted in such poor health care reform legislation, talk them through the longer journey we are on.  A journey that started long ago – requiring pacing, perspective and passion.  As we enter the holiday season, see these conversations over gift exchanges and cookies as core to building a movement that piece by piece will make affordable, quality health care a very basic right.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize as we finish up this round knowing that we are far from done.  Thanks for all the work to shape some progress in 2009.  We have ourselves to thank.

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