ORGANIZE to End the War!

Sometimes it can seem like the threats to our democracy are too steep to overcome, but the only way to strengthen what we have is to exercise our voice, and organize. Yes, democracy is about voting, but it’s also about holding our elected representatives accountable to our beliefs and priorities year round. One of those issues that our representatives have NOT taken action on is the Unending War in Iraq.

Somehow, with over 200 U.S. soldiers and over 6,000 Iraqi civilians killed in the first 6 months of 2008, the war has not been getting the kind of attention it deserves in the press and from those that we entrust to vouch for our interests and values. It is up to us to keep it on the agenda. On Saturday, September 20th, people from across the country that believe in peace will be walking their neighborhoods and talking about the war. It’s called a Million Doors for Peace. This kind of neighbor-to-neighbor organizing is the most effective way to change the tide in our country.

In Crook County, the Human Dignity Advocates are holding a Celebration of Peace on September 20th across from the Prineville Farmers Market that caps off their Freedom Voters Surveying. Of the 349 respondents to the Survey so far, 256 have agreed that the "war in Iraq is not making the US safer." Copies of the survey are at if you want to add them to your peace organizing this weekend!

Stand for Peace out of Cottage Grove is doing their own " Thousand Doors for Peace" on Saturday. To join up, meet at 10am at the KSOW station, 517 Main Street for an orientation.

Many of you have already received the 2008 version of ROP’s Small Town Voters’ Guide. One page includes a map of Oregon with the Cost of War broken down by county. This is just one of the many ways that the war abroad affects us at home as we make cuts to vital social services and community resources, while sending over $300 million daily to fight a war that over 60% of people in the US think was a mistake.

To get plugged in this Saturday, go to, and don’t forget to bring the ROP STAND voters’ guides with you! Year-round democracy continues also after Saturday.

For help planning your own door-to-door or phone-calling day in your community around the issues that you care about, give us a call here at ROP. We can help you think through how to get your message across, and create lists of voters in your area based on guidelines that you set from our VAN system. Call Amanda at 503-543-8417 or email at to get started.

Let’s show Oregon what democracy looks like!