Oregonians against Rich-Tweaking Taxes Vow to Fight Measures 66 & 67

Oregonians For Rich-Tweaking Taxes

Measures 66 & 67 ask very rich people & large corporations to pay a little more in taxes so that schools can stay open, poor kids can be on the Oregon Health Plan and, the old & ‘disabled’ get adequate care. What an outrage! We feel that the burden of running society should be squarely on the backs of its middle and lower classes. The rich and corporate business community have long been exempt from paying a fair share of taxes, and we want to ask you now: why change a good thing?

The rich and powerful corporate interests have recognized the need to protect ourselves; we’ve already put nearly two million dollars into funding the anti-tax efforts, now we need your help!

Legislators say it’s only a tax on the rich. They’re right! It’s not that we won’t be able to still afford our country club memberships, gas for our Hummers and other "needs," like cooking classes in Italy…it’s just that we don’t want to pay more! And that will impact all Oregonians, especially the poor.  How will they feel that they deserve education and public safety when the rich are paying 2% more in income taxes than they did last year?
Won’t you join us in our fight against Rich-Tweaking Taxes and help us buy back our country? Without your participation, our efforts will fail. Vote against your interests, and in support of us! (Who knows, even you could be fabulously wealthy one day…) Vote for a $10 corporate minimum, and get rid of those bloated community colleges! Vote to reject a slight increase in taxes on the very rich; rural counties don’t need sheriffs and elder care! 

Visit The MacDonald Group Webspace for more details on how you can help DEFUND OREGON and Buy Back Our Country!

With Liberty for Just Us not All,
Oregonians for Rich-Tweaking Taxes


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