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July 25th, 2018
Dear ROPnet,
Last week we learned that IP 22 (now Measure 105) gathered enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. This measure will repeal Oregon’s 30-year sanctuary law, which prevents state resources like law enforcement from being used to enforce federal immigration law. An anti-immigrant group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, has brought the conversation of detention, deportation, and family separation to the doorstep of every one of our neighbors by forcing a vote on Oregon’s sanctuary law. We have a fight ahead of us here in Oregon to reject the repeal of a law that recognizes that our immigrant family members, neighbors, friends and coworkers as Oregonians who deserve the right to live here with safety and dignity.
This year’s general election is about more than just casting a ballot for our favorite candidate, it is about where we are going as a country. This year’s STAND Voter guide, designed by and for rural and small town Oregonians, will be a tool to talk about our real values. Place your group’s order today.
We have seen much talk of upset victories in the primaries this year, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called for the abolishment of ICE in her campaign and beat out a longtime democrat despite his raising 16 times as much money. Stories like hers of hard-working volunteers winning by knocking on doors, give us hope in these times when pillars of democratic institutions are facing attacks from multiple directions.
When candidates like Ocasio-Cruz win and when the public votes down anti-immigrant ballot policies like Measure 105, we are issuing a referendum on where this country is going. We, the people, are going on record demanding that we dismantle systems of detention and deportation, not expand them; that elected officials listen to regular people, not just corporate donors; that when neighbors talk to neighbors about our hopes and dreams for our communities, we can drown out the buzz of TV ads, social media posts and billboards.
Election season is a time when our neighbors expect people to show up on their doorsteps and talk with them (not at them!) about the issues and candidates on the ballot. The STAND Voter Guide is known for breaking down misleading ballot measure language and election-time rhetoric, making tough issues accessible through our shared values of democracy and human dignity. Over 35,000 STAND Voter Guides in English and Spanish were distributed throughout Oregon in 2016, most of which were personally delivered neighbor-to-neighbor. To get a sense of what to expect in this year’s guide, check out the 2016 STAND Guide.
The 2018 STAND Voter Guide features:
  • A Neighbor-to-Neighbor introduction and invitation to use our values, our vote, and our voice this election year.
  • Short, concise analysis of ballot measures in straight-forward language — no jargon allowed!
  • Talking about tough issues – a values-based frame to discuss the anti-immigrant Ballot Measure 105 (IP22’s new name), which would repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary Law, other ballot measures and key issues coming up this election cycle.
  • Engaging candidates from senator to school board– how to assess who’s promoting a vision for real safety, viable communities, true democracy and a reasonable standard of living.
We invite you, ROP friends and supporters, human dignity leaders and small town activists, to open your door, step out and have critical conversations this election season. This can happen among a your book group or coworkers, at your local school or senior center, or by going door-to-door in your neighborhood. ROP groups have a long history of engaging our communities in critical thinking and democratic dialogue. Our door-to-door knock-and-drops are an important tool to start conversations with our neighbors, to hear about what matters most to them, and to invite them into a group that is working for democracy and fairness (our human dignity groups). These are voter conversations, distinct from a more impersonal voter contact. Read more about voter communication strategies here! You can also give your friendly ROP organizer a call to talk through how to use these tools in your community. We’d love to talk further and support your work.
Steps to get involved:
1. Consider your options
2. Decide how you will deliver STAND Voter Guides to your community
  • Will you go door-to-door to knock-and-drop when ballots arrive in mid-October?
  • Will you mail Voter Guides to your contact list?
  • What about pulling a list of voters from the Voter Action Network (with ROP’s help) that you could start a longer conversation with?
  • Will you hand out Voter Guides at ballot forums, candidate forums, town halls, or other public gatherings? We encourage you to have a plan for personalized delivery!
3. Place your order by August 22! Place your order online or use the form below. If you want to talk through ideas, feel free to email ROP at intern@rop.org or call us at (503)-967-5303.  We would love to help you figure out your delivery plan!


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ROP covers the costs of the design and content for member groups. We ask that each group cover printing and shipping and handling. (Additional donations always welcome.) Printing and postage costs for member groups are estimated at: $79/1000; $57/500; $35/250; and $25/100.  Printing and shipping and handling for non-member groups: $95/1000; $65/500; $42/250; and $30/100.
Complete this form and submit to ROP by August 22nd: email to intern@rop.org or mail to PO Box 664 Cottage Grove, OR 97424.